Sunday, May 07, 2006

I have a job.

So I just found out that I got this job that I was up for! I am going to be spending the summer at UCLA teaching teenagers how to design graphics and build websites. This is going to be an odd job for me because while I am very good at creating things on the computer, with illustrator, photoshop, and flash, I am not the greatest when it comes to Java and HTML... I am definitely more of an artist, than a programmer, but I am sure that I will figure it out. After all I am Asian, and according to everyone else, my people know everything! I guess that I just need to figure out how to tap into that inner asian of mine. Damn my white washed lifestyle! In other news i am super annoyed with this super bush right winged christian america that we are currently living in. I had an incident that I would rather not talk about... Bush people suck, in every way that phrase can be used! But I am done stressing out about all of this stuff, I just quit my job at abercrombie and I won't have to pretend to flirt with the customers just so that they will buy clothes anymore! Life is good. I won't have to worry about going to work for an entire month, and now I can fully devote myself to watching television and eating @ In & out!... hahaha anyways i have to go now.


Josh said...

Kewl graphic! Bush is lame, but don't let the crazy right winged christians get you down, just because they make the most noise doesn't mean the represent the majority. Keep your head up!

Anonymous said...

is that Bush on the sign that man is holding? Clever! no really i like it! haha.

marcus said...

That's a neat graphic! I dig that sign! I love these ultra photoshopped pictures. good job.