Tuesday, May 09, 2006

wipe out!

I got my ass kicked by the Pacific Ocean! O man I totally got rocked! I am in a hell of a lot of pain right now. But I am even more sad about my board! We had some really good times together. She was only a year old and i was just getting to know all of her little quirks. It took me so long because i am a longboarder at heart, my surfboard was finally starting to feel like an extension of myself. She was the only girl that I have ever enjoyed riding so freakin much! Everyone please take a moment in silence for my baby, she will be missed.


Anonymous said...

You must have been surfing in some really dangerous waters! You should be careful dude!

Josh said...

tHAT looks like it used to be a very nice surfboard. Sorry about the wipe out man! I hope that you are doing alright. O btw I really dig the color scheme on your board, I can see why you are totally bummed out by it.