Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Spread thin...

It's not easy being me, but I really make it look like it is! It's getting to the point where I am starting to slack a little bit on my ability to make camp as fun as it was when I was fresh. I am definitely starting to feel all of those lost hours of sleep and extra energy that I have been using to get things done. The thing is that when this has happened in the past I would sacrifice my personal free time to make things better. But I find myself apathetic to my camp situation and I can feel the quality of my camp person slipping.

Which isn't to say that I am no longer the coolest camp counselor ever! I know that the kids are still enjoying themselves and that my staff is still getting what they need from me, I just know that I can do better. I hate that I know that I am not doing my best because that really starts to grate on my conscience. I just don't know waht I can do at this point to really change or rectify this situation.

Enough about that! I have really been enjoying my new surfboard! I have taken it out and ridden it a little bit ever single day since I got it! It's the most awesome thing since flavored surf wax! Even though the waves haven't been anything special, its really nice to just get off of campus and do things that have nothing to do with camp. Having all of this responsibilty really makes camp feel like a job and I don't think this is what I set out to do with my summer in the beginning. However, I said that I was done talking about camp!

Tyler and I went to go and see Clerks II last night, and that movie was AWESOME. I absolutely loved it and I could not stop laughing! I walked around after the movie telling random people, "You never go ass to mouth!". Because that was the most awesome arguement that has ever been had in movie history! Then I said it to my UBER gay friend "todd" and he informed me that going ass to mouth is the only way to do it! After that odd disgusted shiver went down my back, all the fun of that statement was sucked out of the phrase (no pun intended!). ANd I was kind of left with a very unclean feeling. Is this just me being a prude? Do lots of guys honsetly go ass to mouth? Becuase if so, once I finally let somebody go up my butt (I like to pitch, but I am willing to switch. In the future, I just need to be sweet talked.), they will NEVER go ass to mouth!


dan said...

I never do, just cant, not a turn on at all. sorry, no i take that back I'm not sorry, just not my thing. but yeah, I'll let anyone go there on me, BUT I won't be kissing them anymore that visit.

I don't think it's prude, I think it's OK that gay guys can be DIFFERENT jsut like people are differenet in a lot of ways including in bed.. heck yeah! :)

btw **anyone reading this should definitely have their Hepatitus shots if you are rimming, its passed on that way. come on guys safety first!**

Eric, so true about work being fun and then more responsibility sucks it out. good post! just keep getting some rest and keep focused, enjoy that board, hope you get some better waves. later.

and hey don't worry about going on about camp, this blog is for you to get it out there right, release!

Trevor said...

I totally saw this movie and I couldn't stop laughing! I mean first of all I don't think that they meant "ass to mouth" The way that "dan" meant it. But either way, EWWW! I just don't do that. You are totally not a prude, but that's really really funny anway! hahaha.

It takes a strong man to talk about something like that.

Anonymous said...

It's the end of the summer burn out dude! It happens to all of us. You have had an especially long and trying summer so I am not surprised at all that you are ready to collapse. Just keep on doing what you are doing because I am sure that you are still pretty great.

BTW, I go ass to mouth! hahaha.


Josh said...

You are doing the right thing taking some time out for yourself. It's okay to be a little selfish when you are working as haed as you can. Take more breathers if you think that it will help you do a better job, just don't stress out over something that is supposed to be fun!

I understand that responsibilities will some what diminish your fun, but you should still be enjoying yourself! I loved Clerks 2, and I NEVER go ass to mouth! It really freaks me out also!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm... Ass to mouth is ggrreat!

Terry said...

Actually, it feels pretty good! The added benefit is that it lubes you up for an awesome fuck!

But, agreeing with Dan, Hepatitus can be spread that way -- not to mention a whole miriad of other diseases. Also, HIV can be spread that way.

It's the same thing again and again: KNOW YOUR PARTNER AND BE MONOGOMOUS if you're going to do it! Otherwise, you're gambling with your life just as your partner is gambling with his!