Sunday, August 05, 2007

Drawing the line

My kinda sorta but not really boyfriend that I am maybe in a little bit of a relationship with, called me on my bullshit today. He definitely made some valid points, but I didn't want to hear them. There's nothing worse than fucking up and knowing exactly what you are doing wrong, then having somebody come along to point out all the things you already know you are messing up with! I must be the biggest masochist ever because I surround myself with people that aren't afraid to stand up for what's important to them, then berate me for not doing the same. It's just hard for me to make a line for myself that I refuse to cross and stand by my choice no matter what.

I am in LA right now with my fake (but not really) boyfriend. We left the camp on Friday to come up to the So Bay to watch a few of our friends compete in the X-games. It's weird meeting all of this dude's friends and having him meet all of mine. It almost feels like a real relationship... I keep on having to tell myself that we are @ camp so things are a lot more intense here than it would be in any other setting. I mean in what other situation would you spend 24 hours a, day 7 days a week, with somebody that you just met!?

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R*Y A N said...

my own kinda sorta but not really boyfriend that i would have been interested in having a little bit of a relationship with just told me that after all this time, he wasn't really in it for that.

i'm relieved in a way since i felt the same. he just happened to say it first.

so how come i feel like my arse just got royally dumped?