Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The boyfriend and I just got back from the best night session of surfing EVER! We found the perfect spot where we were able to take advantage of the waves and the stupid wind wasn't a problem. Then there's the fact that the boyfriend is an amazing surfer! I can sit back and watch him tear it up all night long because he's so awesome out there. Now I have a little time to kill before the lunar eclipse starts, so I am going to write about my moving experience this past weekend.

I spent my weekend moving the rest of my stuff out of mine and Eddie’s house. I tried not to dwell on the memories or that [extremely] small part of me that secretly hoped Eddie would burst through the doors and beg me to stay (Yeah I know that would be a bit much, but I am gay and I love overly cheesy gay shit like that because of it! Leave me alone!). So I invited a bunch of friends and the current boyfriend over for a whole weekend of packing up all my stuff and taking it all down to San Diego to my new place. I have to say that the weekend ended up being a lot more fun than I was expecting. There was drinking, laughing, a few of broken items that could never be replaced, and so many funny little incidents that will provide enough inside jokes and nicknames to last the next few years easy!

I totally lucked out with my new place. It’s literally across the street from campus and I can see the beach from my bedroom! The rent was a little higher than I was planning on spending, but I have 3 bedrooms and if I got a roommate it would be way less than what my original budget would have been. The current boyfriend is already plotting how he can claim half of my closet space and the left side of my bed. The only downside is that it won’t be ready to move into for another 3 weeks! 5 frat guys used to live in the house and it’s completely destroyed. The walls need to be repaired, the carpet needs to be replaced, the plumbing is shit and needs work, and there are several cracked and broken windows that all need to be replaced.

So for the next 2 weeks I am going to be living with the boyfriend… Yeah I know I said I was going to be taking things slow with this guy, but I already lived with him for a month, what’s an extra 3 weeks? Besides, if I have already lived with him, and I chose not to stay with him while my place was getting renovated I would be moving backwards not slower. Also temporarily staying with the boyfriend isn’t even taking things slower or speeding things up, it’s just continuing at the same pace we have been going at all along since our relationship began while we were living together! Right??


Taylor said...

I LOVE the comic! It really captures the whole nazi master of the universe attitude you had going on all weekend! I swear to god if there wasn't any beer I would have gotten the hell out of there so fast! J/K! It was sooo much fun. I wish that you could move every weekend.

Jason said...

Okay I forgot to ask you then, but this is providing me with the perfect opportunity! What's the deal with the jumbo sized wooden spoon and fork!? You should know that we all make fun of you behind your back because of those things.

Also I am very sorry about that lamp. I will buy you one that is far less tacky this weekend. and one more question, which one of those guys in the comic is me?

trevor said...

Why is it that all the cool kids always wait until I leave before all the fun stuff goes down!? You better hurry up and get your ass back to NYC so we can do something fun here.

Joshua said...

Okay I forgot to ask you then, but this is providing me with the perfect opportunity! What's the deal with the jumbo sized wooden spoon and fork!?

LMFAO! RGB, you're soooooo Filo. :P