Saturday, September 29, 2007

Alcohol induced Amnesia...

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself with some random chick's hands on you? But not only did you NOT recognize the hands that are groping you all over, but the underwear in said picture have also disappeared since that night!? Ummmm yeah... Me neither...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The new roommate

My uncle is moving in with me. It’s not as bad as it sounds! He’s only 8 years older than me, he’s just going through a difficult separation with his wife right now and I have the room to spare while he figures things out. When he called me to ask if it was cool to stay with me, he sounded completely defeated. It was very hard to hear him like this, because growing up he always seemed invincible and above all these negative emotions that us mere mortals feel on a daily basis. I guess that the older I get the more human the people around me I used to look up to become.

This whole situation seems a bit surreal and will stay that way until my uncle actually starts living with me next week. I guess I am still a little shocked that even somebody like my uncle could go through such a tough patch like this. He’s the coolest most genuine guy I have ever known! I have always looked up to him for many reasons, he’s funny, creative, and caring, but mostly it’s because he has this quality about him where he is able to bring out the best in everybody around him.

While I am super excited we are going to be roomies for awhile, I am still a little bit apprehensive to confront the possibility that he’s not the superhero I have always assumed he was. However the more I think about it, the more I realize I am being ridiculous! Sharing this time with my uncle will only help us grow closer because our relationship will evolve into something more special and intimate than it ever could have been before. No longer will I be a boy idolizing this iconic figure, I will be his equal and his friend.

So yeah, I guess that it took me awhile to come around to the idea of my uncle being my new roommate, but now I am pretty psyched by the whole thing. The only person more excited about my uncle and I living together is my lola. My uncle was her last child and I was her first grandchild, so we have always been the favorites, and the babies of the bunch. To this day she still refers to both of us as, “the babies”. I am looking forward to her visits when she comes down for the day and spends the whole time cooking all the Filipino yumminess that she is famous for!

A lot of my friends have been bringing up a very specific issue about living with my uncle, so I am sure a lot of you guys are thinking about it also. This issue is how living with my uncle would affect my comfort level and my, “lifestyle”. It’s a pretty simple answer. My uncle grew up with 3 old sisters that were lesbians. Not only were they much older, they were also much wilder and he has seen more gay shenanigans than I have ever been able to possibly imagine! I am not even a little bit worried that he will cramp my style, or somehow inhibit me because he’s seen more and probably done more than I ever will. Trust me that it’s all good!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A lot going on!

Let's see... I guess I will start with the most recent event and work backward! This weekend I drove up to LA with the boyfriend and we went to LA invasion, and the LA County Fair. They were both pretty awesome, and both events pretty much sucked all the energy from me until all that remained was this lifeless husk of a man typing this post before you! At the concert, I was lucky enough to get backstage and ham it up with some of my favorite bands, so that was super exciting. Then today I made my annual visit to the LA county fair with all of my friends like we do every year, and we had an awesome time being the goofy losers that we are.

Also this passed week I finally finished setting up all the final details in my new house. It's spectacular and I love having all this space all to myself! Even though technically Brad has spent just as much time (if not more) in my house than I have. I also started a new job that I am kind of psyched about. I am working for this small LGBT community center teaching digital media to teens. Once everybody got over the fact that I wasn't in high school and haven't been a teenager in a few years, we were able to accomplish a lot!

I have also been painting a lot. I am going to be showing a few pieces at a friend's gallery in LA in a couple weeks so I am trying to finish up the stuff I promised and get it up to her soon. Hmmmm what else have I been up to? Oh yeah! I think I might be falling in love again. I don't really want to talk about it right now. I just wanted to throw that out there and see how it feels... I am going to go and pass out in the shower now.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Beach Fun

People get so fucking territorial over their surf spots sometimes! Somehow they think that entire strips of PUBLIC beach belong to nobody but their little crews and anybody that tries to surf on their turf is asking for trouble. This morning the boyfriend and I decided to ummm ask for trouble I guess. On a completely separate topic, I am sick and tired of calling my guy, “the boyfriend”, his name is Bradley. Now back to my morning! The local waves sucked but we heard about this awesome secluded spot about 45mins north of where we were. So we hopped into the car and made the trip to this “awesome beach” and it was everything they told us it would be.

The problem became painfully obvious about 20 minutes into our session when a couple of drunk bros paddled out and started to cause some problems. At first they were just being annoying, but they soon escalated to whatever the next level of annoying is. All I had to do was, be the bigger man and ignore the pricks, but unfortunately I am a little bit of a prick myself and I can also be EXTREMELY immature if all the conditions are perfect. This morning was one of those days where everything was just right for me to ummm, shine...

I said some stuff to them, I'm not remembering my exact words, but it was something along the lines of, “inbred dog fuckers with faces so hideous that only their mom’s could love them, which incidentally seemed to be the main problem.” I am pretty sure I threw in a few of the general insults about their breath, looks, mothers and sexuality for good measure. My slams were harsher, my wit was sharper, and my jokes came faster. So they did what all people do when they have been outmatched, they got violent. Well first they threatened to go and get the rest of their friends and then fight us, but I called them, ummm, a name, and they totally lost it!

I have never seen my Bradley fight. I know that he has definitely been in a few fights but I had no idea how well he could handle himself! They both came after me at once because I was the one with the big mouth. Before I had a chance to react, Bradley had tackled both of them and was on top of one of them beating him senseless. I grabbed the other one’s arm, twisted it behind his back, and pressed my knee into his neck as I watched my Bradley kick ass. How wrong is it that the first thing I wanted to do once we were done there, was have sex with Bradley? He was pretty angry with me for not shutting up and basically starting the fight on purpose, but he forgave me fast enough...

Monday, September 03, 2007

My extended Labor Day weekend.

On Wednesday my dad drove down from LA to meet with a business associate and decided that it was time for him to meet the new boyfriend. I know that I have been pretty reluctant to do anything to further this relationship since it started, but I was actually really looking forward to my dad meeting, “the boyfriend”. In a strange coincidence it turns out that my boyfriend’s uncle is one of my father’s oldest friends! The conversation flowed pretty well the entire meal because of that.

By the time we had finished, my dad had to hop back into his car to make it in time to catch a flight in LA going to Singapore. But before he left he offered to let us stay in his beach house up north for the holiday weekend. We had plans, but nothing super exciting, so we both called a few friends (10 in total) and headed up to my dad’s place that afternoon for a weekend of drunken shenanigans!

We got to my dad’s beach house just before midnight and quickly unloaded all of the luggage and extra people so we could make it to the supermarket before it closed. There’s this stupid law in California which prohibits the sale of alcohol after 2am and it’s always a damper on the evening when you show up to buy some vodka at 2 minutes past 2 only to be DENIED! I felt like a total lush at the checkout line at the grocery store. We walked out of that store with $500 of alcohol and about $75 of food.

This weekend has mostly been a blur of drinking, surfing, and laughing, but one thing in particular is going to stay with me as vividly as if it were happening right now. There was one moment when I was sitting with my buddy and his girlfriend was laying in his lap talking to somebody to his right, and “the boyfriend” was sitting in between my legs with his back to me talking to somebody at my left. The whole situation felt so normal and natural, I didn’t feel like I was a freak and like there was something wrong with me, and I could tell that nobody else was thinking anything like that about me either. I don’t know if I am explaining this right, but the normality of it all made me feel happy in a way that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I think I just got used to everybody telling me this was a part of myself I needed to hide. It made me forget how accepting the people in my life that truly care about me really are.

I really needed this weekend, but I had no idea how much until right at this very moment as I typed those words. It’s been hard for me to articulate the feelings that I have been trying my hardest to deal with. This weekend has been a huge reminder of why I gave up what I did, and what I am expecting to get back in return. People are going to start waking up soon and I have decided that I am going to make breakfast for everybody because I am suddenly in a very good mood.