Monday, October 29, 2007

Crazy busy!

I am doing alright! I know I have been away for the last few days and I haven’t updated about what was going on with the fires (There was a whole string of negativity that I decided to delete because I couldn’t figure out how to respond to the comments without using profanity), but I have been a very busy boy. I have been painting like a machine, playing the perfect host to a gaggle of my friends, partying like a rockstar (It’s my second job! LITERALLY! Don’t ask.), and surfing like my life depended on it!

By Wednesday most of my friends had made other arrangements for housing or were allowed to return to their homes. For the select few that weren’t so lucky, I decided it would be fun to head north for a weekend of debauchery. My second job required my presence at Newport Beach Thursday night, and I knew it would be the perfect excuse to get all of us out of the smoke and ash. Plus my friends that were coming with me know how to have fun, and the event that I was working would be the perfect opportunity for them to help me out a little (everybody needs to earn their keep in the house of RGB). To say my friends lived up to all of my expectations would be a HUGE understatement! There are certain moments of that night I can’t fully recall, and most of my other memories have a pleasant little blurry feeling to them, but I KNOW we totally brought the fun.

On Friday we made our way to my hometown in LA. Most of my friends (that were with me) don’t know LA very well and were very curious to see where I grew up. Explaining that I grew up in a rural horse community by the ocean in Los Angeles didn’t make sense to them, as it wouldn’t most people, so I guess they had to see it to believe it! It was nice being home and seeing my family. I haven’t made it up here in over a month and I have been so busy that I forgot how much I really missed them! The rest of the weekend was dedicated to hiking down to all of my favorite surf spots. Oh yeah and a jog with my dad that has crippled me for life! I am not used to jogging such steep hills anymore and my dad totally embarrassed me by running circles around me on our “leisurely” morning jog. When it was all over I was hurting!

Now I am finally home! Brad and I are looking forward to returning to some kind of normalcy tomorrow as we both go back to school. We do still have a couple of guests in our house (that we are more than happy to have!) and there are a lot of people out there that aren’t nearly as lucky as we are , but it does feel good to lay down in my bed, wrap my arms around my boyfriend, and bask in the warmth and silence that is my home. Tomorrow with everything that has happened I have a million things to catch up on, and a million new things I need to start on, but right now at this very moment, I am enjoying having absolutely nothing to do except stay up all night with Brad.


Kelly said...

You deserve a nice long rest dude! Even if have been living it up all over town, constantly worrying about all the people around you can make you tired pretty easily. I am sure all of yours friends are uber greatful for you playing host for the week.

That personal time you took with Brad last night sounds like the best part of your week! I know it's the part of your post that got me the most jealous. I hope it was exciting for you as it was for me imagining it.

Anonymous said...

You always have the greatest pics! There always some kind of exciting shenanigans taking place in them. Why do you insist on blurring out all the faces?

Jerry said...

I am super duper curious to know what this second job is!! Are you an exotic dancer?

RGB said...

Your mom's an exotic dancer! No offense to exotic dancers, but I am not so strapped for cash that I would allow greasy old fat men to oggle my body and cup feels as they shove dollar bills into my underwear! That's gross and demeaning. I am a capable young man who is not afraid of hard work, and there are plenty of other things I can do to make money!