Thursday, November 08, 2007

I blame New Zealand!

I tried so hard to get some work done! I REALLY REALLY DID! But the waves were MASSIVE ASSIVE yesterday! Seriously they were like 6ft with the occasional 12footer! Brad and I totally blew off all our responsibilities and headed out to our special spot before the sun came up, and we pretty much stayed there until we were too tired to walk back to our car.

I got absolutely nothing done, but how could I say no to mother nature when she clearly needed me to spend the day riding her (Did that sound dirty?)!? I woke up at 4:00 am this morning for my flight at 5:00 am. I am in NYC and I am freezing my ass off! It is so fucking cold I can't even tell you guys! Yesterday the water was about the same temperature as it is here in NYC, but I had a wetsuit and I was doing something I loved so it didn't really phase me! I am sitting in my apartment under an electric blanket and the heat all the way up and I am still freezing. I really really hate winter.

I have such a busy weekend going on and I really need to man up and deal with the cold weather! I have to be uptown tonight, midtown tomorrow night and New Jersey (I am seriously not looking forward to this one) Saturday night. Well I am going to put on a couple pairs of thermal underwear then my clothes and then my snowboarding jacket and meet some friends for dinner. I am not looking forward to this excursion at all!

I remember when my dad and I were searching for a place for me to live, and I was like, "OOOOO!! I want to live here!" and I my dad told me, "Are you sure that you want to live here? You are nowhere near a subway and I know how much you hate to go anywhere in the cold. Do you really think you will be able to deal with something like this everyday??" I was such a loser! I really should have listened to my dad and gotten a place a little closer to a fucking subway station.

Okay, I am totally done with my tangent now. Wish me luck guys.


Anonymous said...

Is there a specific reason why you blame new zealand for your need to play hookie for a second day in a row??

Jerry said...

That pic is amazing! Whoever took it really got right in there for the shot. How did you not run him over with your surfboard? I would say losing a day of serious work was worth it if what you did instead provided you with something equally valuable like time with the guy you like and some good memories. Life can't always be about the boring monotony that it usually is. Just don't push it off for so long that by the time you actually get to doing it it will be completely overwhelming and virtually impossible to complete.

Trevor said...

tsk tsk dude! I am totally shaking my finger at you right now. You have sooo much work to get done that you are seriously going to be feeling all this time you lost when it gets closer to due date. Especially with the painting! You can bullshit your way through a paper, but you can't bullshit your way through a series of paintings. So get on it already!

Anonymous said...

You are such a complainer! You have the equivalent of your very own vacation home in one of the coolest cities in the world. Cold weather sucks, but you have a home on both coasts while there are thousands of people who aren't going to get to sleep with a roof over their heads tonight.