Monday, December 03, 2007

Where in the World is RGB?: Parth 3

Yesterday was intense. I am not even close to being ready to talk about it, but I feel the need to type something just to keep my mind busy. So let's backtrack to what I was up to this weekend! I went to Ephesus and the most interesting thing of the whole experience (to me anyway) was the toilets! How awesome is it that they had public bathrooms before electricity? Oh woops. I guess I kind of gave away where I was so the whole "where in the world is RGB" thing doesn't really work... To late I have already gone to far. Erasing and starting over at this point is just no longer an option!

It's like 5 in the morning and again I have only slept a few hours. Europe is totally kicking my ass! I am going to go for a jog and get really lost because I have no idea where I am so finding my way back should prove quite the challenge. I think that maybe clearing my mind with some exercise before I go meet Eddie for round two might be a good idea. Besides, my fat ass needs the exercise anyway! I guess fat would be the wrong word because my pants are actually looser than normal, but I have definitely lost a lot of muscle mass and gained a lot of fat. I think I should go with doughy! My doughy ass needs to get some exercise.


George said...

Did you know that Matt from DTB is at Ephesus also? That's crazy! Did you see him there or what? I have to say that you and he definitely have a different way of looking at things though... Great pic!

Trevor said...

That is the CUTEST dog EVER! Only you would go to Ephesus and find a god to play with. You are such a dork! Call me when you get back from your jog I am going to be up all night studying.

Anonymous said...

You go to an international historical site, that is full of history and culture and you find a dog to play with and you sit on a toilet. You are the epitome of class and elegance! Are you sure that you aren't 15? hahaha!

I love you man you are so awesomely awesome it's like not even real. I hate how you can take something as boring as site seeing and make it light and fun! I would have gone and taken a tour and read a bunch of brochures. You suck!

Jason said...

WTF are you petting some random stray for!? You don't know if it has rabies or fleas or fucking mad cow or some shit! You are kinda nuts sometimes.