Sunday, February 10, 2008


I am SOOO tired of people recoiling in horror every time I tell them I don't have a myspace/facebook! It's like I am telling them that I eat babies for breakfast or saying that I was born without a penis! People need to learn how to chill the fuck out and learn how to stop living their lives through their online profiles.

I FUCKING HATE myspace/facebook/etc.! I am morally opposed to all things related to online networking for a plethora of reasons, the biggest being that EVERYBODY is doing it! And what's the deal with the myspace pictures!? From those retarded black and white emo shots, to those ridiculous self-portraits through the mirror, I just want to punch somebody in the face every time I see one! The more everybody around me tries to get me to join, the more I am determined to NEVER do it.

Rant done!

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