Monday, February 25, 2008

Party Guy

This weekend Tyler celebrated his 26th birthday. Yeah I know; he is FUCKING OLD! But he’s my best friend, so what can I do? Partying commenced promptly at 6pm on Friday and went on until about 2 or 3 hours ago. Now I am facing some serious partier’s remorse because for the second weekend in a row (Bradley’s best friend John turned 20 the weekend before) I have decided to have fun instead of hitting the books like I was supposed to!

I must admit that I had a good time my last couple weekends. Still I have noticed a huge difference in the way that a 20 year old has fun and the way that a 26 year old has fun! It has also become very apparent that I am no longer 20, or anywhere near being 26 either. It’s an odd feeling, being newly 23 and wedged right between two very different generations and not really feeling 100% relatable to either group.

The kids I grew up with were always a couple years older than me both because of the time of year I was born, and the fact that I skipped a grade. So most of my life I have always thought of myself as older than I really am. At some point my life kind of stalled (or maybe me being so much younger than my friends caught up with me) and while I stayed stagnant, they kept on going. As a result, hanging around some of the guys I grew up with now, almost makes me feel like when a little brother tries to be cool and chill with his older brothers. I never used to feel like this, but all of my HS friends just seem so much older than I am.

The flipside of that would be Bradley’s friends. I sometimes forget how much younger Bradley is because he seems so mature, and is built like a 25 year old fitness model. Then we spend the weekend with his friends and I spend half my time thinking to myself that there was no way I was half as stupid as these kids are when I was their age!

For awhile, I thought about how tame the kind of fun Tyler’s party was compared to the kind of fun we had at John’s. Then upon further preponderance I decided it wasn’t that Tyler’s party was tamer, it was just that we had already burned out on the stuff that was going on at John’s party while they were still waiting for their balls to drop, plus we broke way more laws doing it and did it with way more style!

I don’t really know what I am trying to say here. Is it possible to have an inferiority complex and a superiority complex at the same time? Maybe this is the very definition of ambivalence and a prime example of why being around people your own age while you are growing up is so important. Anyway, I just really wanted to say that I had a lot of fun but am now paying for it with all the cramming I have to do now. As much fun as it is to procrastinate and leave everything to the last second, I think I should definitely save myself from this kind of fun in the future!

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