Friday, February 29, 2008

Science is Stupid!

I am soooo over school!! I hate computers, I hate math and I hate science! My brain is so fried I don't even remember what the fuck vector space is anymore, and I have an ENTIRE final on it in about 2 weeks. In my science class we are studying the higher levels of programming abstraction, using Java and object-oriented programming techniques. But my biggest problem is my hatred of programming in the C language, which is a systems programming language that also provides lowlevel capabilities similar to those of assembly language.

I have no idea what it was that I used to enjoy about computer science. It's not fun, and I am way to attractive/social, and have zero skills in Dungeons and Dragons! I think it's about time I start to look into alternatives to a MS in CS. Like an MS in business! And I could become one of those douche bag project managers that take all the credit for the work their programmers do and make twice as much as them. There's nothing like a nice soul-sucking job with limitless cash flow and questionable morals!

I am hoping that once this quarter is over, and I have a moment to breath, I might change my mind. Still the realist in me is doubtful and already looking into the business program at my school and checking for application deadlines. I wish I could just be done with school already and start my career as an astronaut/magician/ race car driver/superhero (or maybe even less likely than that, a gay pro athlete).

Sigh... Maybe I should just go into porn. It's not like everybody I know hasn't seen me naked anyway. Just because I think watching it is ridiculous, doesn't mean I can't star in it! Right?

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