Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's all good.

On Thursday I was having a hard time apologizing because I am a bit of a jackass who has issues admitting when he fucks up. But eventually I swallowed my pride and owned up to my mistakes. I am extremely lucky to be with a guy understanding and mature enough to forgive me and not hold any grudges. Then of course we had a few hours of make up sex that was so mind blowingly awesome and completely draining that we spent most of Friday in bed recovering. Who knew that 5 days of fighting could lead to one of the most erotic nights of my life!?

At some point we had to get out of bed and eat, so we grabbed some food and an armful of DVDs from a box full of them I have yet to unpack and headed back to our room. I was a little embarrassed by the selection that he’d grabbed because they weren’t at all indicative of my movie watching tastes! I would rather not list off the movies that Bradley grabbed and just get right to the point. We chose, Can’t Hardly Wait. He’d never heard of it before! It makes sense because the movie came out when he was in the third grade. Sometimes Bradley makes me feel so old! I just keep on having to tell myself we are only 3 (and a half) years apart from each other. And not think about how when I was a freshman in high school, he was in the third grade.

I know that a lot of people will be disappointed about how I spent Pi Day doing nothing but stay in bed watching TV with my boyfriend. What can I say? I like my boyfriend more than math! Okay fine, I freakin LOVE my boyfriend. And it has absolutely nothing to do with his sculpted abs, movie star good looks and huge ass donkey dick! hahaha.... Okay maybe it has a little to do with those thing!

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