Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Me and My Uncle

My uncle that is currently living with me is the guy who taught me how to dance. I remember sitting on the back porch of my grandmother's house as he and his crew spent hours practicing their routines. I was only 4 at the time, but I KNEW that I was witnessing something amazing as they perfected their drops, flares, and pikes. There was something magical in the way they moved, and from the very beginning I wanted to know all there was to possibly know about this art form!

One of the reasons why my uncle and I are so close is because of all the time we used to spend with each other dancing. He was always so patient with me as he taught me everything that he knew. We would stay up all night long making sure we got all the moves down, and then he would take me with him when he performed and I got to see the whole routine and how the crowds reacted to it.

My uncle is a teacher, so he doesn’t really make much money. The sad thing is he works 4 times as hard as I do and he has twice as much education as I do and I make so much more money than he does it’s a fucking crime! His divorce has just been finalized and he’s being asked to pay out in child support more than what he can actually afford, so he’s had to take a second job. Lucky for him he still has a lot of contacts in the dance world and he now makes a decent second wage working at one of his friend’s dance studios teaching the more complicated stuff.

As I have said a million times before, I love to dance! But it's more than just me enjoying the music, it’s the attention that dancing gives me. I love walking onto a dance floor and knowing that everybody has their eyes on me and they are all in awe of what I can do. If you do it right, when you dance people think about sex and how good you are at it. Most people know that a bad dancer is going to be a lousy lay; but the guy that hits the floor and starts a ripple at the tips of his fingers and follows it through the heels of his feet, like his whole body had just turned to liquid, will know how to pleasure you all night long!

Lately I have been spending more time in the dance studio than I have in the ring punching people. I know! I am just as shocked as you guys are that there’s more than one way for me to calm my nerves. I feel like a kid again with all the time we spend with my uncle. It’s the same dynamic that we have always had. I sit there as he freestyles with my jaw on the floor knowing I am witnessing innovation and creativity that very few people in this world are capable of.

Anyway, that's me, and that’s called a pike. And yeah, it’s definitely one of the things that makes me cooler than you!

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