Friday, April 18, 2008

The Butler's Pantry

Mrs Tyler: I was just calling to see how things are going.
Me: Good. Just watching a lot of TV with Bailey (the 200lb dog).
Mrs. Tyler: That's good mijo I am glade you are taking this time to relax! You work too hard.
Me: Well the only thing I have on the agenda today is to head over to the grocery store to go buy more dog food because we are just about out.
Mrs Tyler: I just bought a lot of dog food right before we left and I stored it in the butler's pantry.

Before I continue I would just like to point out that I have been living in this house for years! Before I moved in I spent just as much time here as I did after I moved in. This place has always been a second home to me and in 15 years of me being aware of this house I had never heard of or been into the fucking butler's pantry!

Me: Ummm... What the hell is a butler's pantry? Do we have a butler? Is he a ninja because I have never seen him!?
Mrs Tyler: It's that closet where we temporarily store things before moving them to somewhere else.
Me: Oh!!! I know where that is!

Promptly after hanging up with Mrs Tyler, I called Tyler.

Me: DUDE! Do you know where the butler's pantry is?
Tyler: What the fuck's a butler's pantry!?

And that was all I needed to hear. At first I thought that Mrs. Tyler actually made up the term, but then I looked it up on Wikipedia. There it was right in front of me! The FUCKING butler's pantry! Apparently it's where the butler goes when he's not butlering. He goes into this pantry and he spends his time counting and polishing the silver, and then sleeping on it.

After all these years, I am still learning something new everyday!

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