Sunday, April 20, 2008

The holiday weekend

This is a picture of my best buddy Tyler (on the left), me (on the right), and our homeboy Farmer Ted (in the middle). Farmer Ted invited us over to his secret headquarters to celebrate his latest harvest on this very special weekend. It was good times, I especially loved getting some extra bonding time in with Tyler. Lately we have both been so busy, him with his "suit" job and me with my ummm "un-suit" job (haha I wear board shorts and occasionally a T-shirt to work)!

I am finally back in SD recovering. Bradley is going to this party and getting totally trashed tonight (in honor of the holiday weekend of course), so I am basically stuck here on the couch all alone. You would think he'd want to stay home because he missed me so much after not seeing me for a week, BUT NO!!! I guess I can't really fault him, I have basically spent the last week partying a lot harder than he is going to tonight. I just miss him and all of his muscles. Besides I need my 5 minutes of spooning so I can roll over and go to sleep!

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