Thursday, April 10, 2008

Should I stay or should I go!?

At this time every year I always have plans that are pretty much set in stone. Then the camp offers start coming in! People from camps I worked at in previous years, and then people who I have worked with that have decided to start their own camps, to people who have just heard about me from somebody that works for them that wants me to come and give their camp a try. Inevitably I change my plans that were set in stone, thus making me feel like a complete douche for bailing on something that had very little chance of me following through with in the first place.

A perfect example would be last summer. I was supposed to come back from Asia, then go to work form my aunt in NYC for the ENTIRE summer. I ended up working for her for less than 2 weeks before taking off for surf camp in California! Every summer I always think I know EXACTLY what I am going to do, then BAM all of a sudden I am doing something completely unexpected.

This year seems to be shaping up to be no different than any other summer. I was planning on spending a nice relaxing summer in LA hanging out with my friends and going to a couple of different gallery openings one of which would be featuring a few pieces from yours truly. Then on Monday I received a call from the director of the surf camp I worked for last summer. Basically he started this new program and was completely booked 3 days later, so he added a second session which proceeded to be booked just as fast! He needed somebody to lead the camps onsite and he couldn’t think of anybody better than me to do it.

Once he told me what I would be doing I think I squealed like a school girl! I was just sooo fucking excited that there was no way I could contain myself. If I am being 100% honest here, I would have paid him just to let me work for him so I could go on these trips this summer! What am I going to be doing that has gotten me so amped up you ask!? Well for the first month I am going to be on a luxury yacht that is going to be taking myself and 20 campers to some of the best surf spots in Polynesia. Then for the second month I am going to be going to 3 separate surf resorts in 3 of the most amazingly beautiful places in South America! OMG! I am still screeching like a little girl just thinking about it!

Okay I need to slow down a little. I am talking about these trips like I have already said yes to the offer and I have taken the job (Which I haven’t)! I still have a lot of things to consider before making such a rash decision. None of those things really come to mind at the moment, but I am sure there is something important I am forgetting here… Whatever, I told the surf director I would give him my answer by Monday. I am most likely going to say yes, because frankly, I haven’t been able to stop talking about it since he told me.

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