Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Take 2

I know that I have been going to Coachella way more than two times, but this is going to be my second year going in an official capacity. Once again, I am heading out to Palm Springs today for all of my pre-festival briefings with the suits. Then I am going to start my weekend of drunken partying!

This year is going to be especially exciting for me because Jack Johnson is FINALLY returning to Coachella after a 2 year hiatus! ANd don't even get me started on Portishead! I thought they were dead or had broken up or something. I am so excited about seeing them that there's a chance I might wet my pants if I think about it too much.

My employers got me some passes into this morning radio show that an LA radio station called KROQ does, "Kevin and Bean's Breakfast with..." They are doing a special one out in Indio around Jack Johnson, which I am super psyched about! These shows are always amazing because they are so small and extremely intimate. I have been to quite a few of them, my favorite being Incubus for their, Morning View, album. It was definitely in my top 5 most amazing musical experiences ever! And well worth the 5am trip to fucking Calabasas. Trust me when I say there are very few things that will make me go all the way the fuck to the Valley, and Incubus is definitely one of them.

Well it's time to start packing up the car. I think Bradley is even more excited than I am. It's so cute when he starts spazzing out and gets really excited about things. He is usually so calm and collected, so it's really fun to see that he is actually capable of acting like the teenager that he really is! I am such the cradle robber and God is seriously going to punish me...

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