Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend @ Coachella

Every inch of my body aches. I am so exhausted I can’t even sleep! I feel like I just finished running the LA Marathon. But I guess three days of partying in 95+ degree weather is just as, if not more exhausting, than running a marathon. I am still in Palm Springs because neither Bradley nor I had the energy to drive all the way home. But for some reason I can’t fall asleep!

The weekend completely smashed last year’s fun BIG TIME! The music was AMAZING, the parties were INSANE, and Bradley was there to enjoy all of it with me. As always Jack left me drooling all over the place fantasizing about the day when I can put his head in my lap as I feed him grapes. VHS or Beta were pretty awesome. The Breeders totally kicked ass! And MIA kind of sucked, but not as bad as Vampire Weekend (they have absolutely no stage presence). At the parties I got to meet a lot of the other reps for this company I work for. They were from all over the world, but we did let language or culture get in our way as we instantly bonded over our affinity for crazy parties!

Today was chill because I was only interested in catching one band (Gogol Bordello and they totally ROCKED!), and all the parties happened on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. But back to Saturday, Portishead performing was probably one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my entire life! Oh my god! I know I was a fan before, but now, I FUCKING LOVE THEM! You guys all understand how much I love Jack right? So you have to know how much further a band must go to dethrone him as my highlight of the weekend. Portishead was the best thing at Coachella 2008 hands down!

My 3 favorite performances of the weekend would have to be #1 Portishead, #2 Jack Johnson, and #3 The Verve. Sorry guys, I just don’t understand what the deal is with Prince… He just seems like such a freak to me. Does that make me a bad gay? Because the gays like prince or something right? If so, sorry that I am such a traitor to my people and what not.

Bradley’s Coachella experience, well at least the musical aspect of it, was very different from mine. Most of the bands he wanted to see conflicted with the bands that I wanted to see. So he was off watching Vampire Weekend, Flogging Molly, and The Cold War Kids, I think… But once it was time to start the parties, he was right there with me living it up. I guess it should come as no surprise to anybody that my 6’3 boyfriend can drink me under the table, but let it be known that I can totally smoke him out (get your minds out of the gutter! This has nothing to do with sex!).

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