Sunday, June 15, 2008

72 hours in Vegas!

This was my weekend...
-Hung out with High School Homies,
-Had so much fun we invited them with us to Vegas
-Roadtripped with awesome tunes and even better company
-Sweaty fun with Jane @ the restaurant in Barstow (don’t ask!)
-Picked up Jake @ UNLV filling our car over capacity by 3 people
-Crashed a VIP party with Dlist Celebs, I think I saw Tara Reid…
-Accosted by a senior citizen in a sequence shirt playing the slots
-Met up with Evan and what’s his face…
-Bought lots of alcohol and sum Coca-cola
-Drank lots of alcohol and sum Coca-cola
-Can someone say MaryJane??
-Went to the Stipclub for deep thought and SERIOUS art Critiques!
-Penthouse craziness complete with naked shenanigans
-Fell in2 sum modern art (its ok, no one noticed)!!
-Tyler & I tried to be nonchalant about it in a completely sober way
-Still waiting 2C if we pulled it off…
-Buzz wears off just as Jane almost gets decked by an angry art fag!
-Walked from Treasure Island to Circus Circus in the sweltering heat!
-Got back to the penthouse and passed out in the foyer!!
-Woke up with NO HANGOVER!!!
-Ordered some room service and proceeded to have a food fight
-Poolside fun (Its always better when ppl are half naked!)
-Ate pizza till I EXPLODED!! (Really! Check the carpet!)
-More fun with more alcohol and white ppl than I’ve ever seen!
-Political and philosophical debates with “Go-Go” dancers
-Taxi cab confessions
-I don’t remember…
-Woke up on the floor in my underwear (luckily I still had them on!)
-Did the tourist thing and saw a Cirque show
-Passed out the whole way home!


John said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile and noticed you are allowing comments. I wanted to let you know I LOVE reading your posts because you have an amazing way of looking at the world. Thanks for sharing!

Jason said...

Comments!? Saying I am shocked would be an understatement. Just so you know, I am in fact jealous of your weekend. I spent mine doing laundry! I am just going to have to take solace in how tired you are going to be waking up @ 5am for the next two weeks. ;p

Trevor said...

Ewww! That's way to much fun being had without me. You my good sir are on my shit list and will stay there until you make some time to party with me. All the cool kids are in LA you should come on up and join us!

RRP said...

Comments, RGB? You letting the little people contribute, now? Good for you.

Interesting weekend. Kinda like mine... except I didn't see anywhere on the list about drop-kicking a midget. It's ok. He was a prick to begin with.

Hope convalesence isn't too much of a bitch.