Wednesday, June 11, 2008

HOME!! For now...

It feels good to FINALLY be home! Well at least until Thursday night, when Jane and I head up to LA to meet Tyler and then the 3 of us road trip it to Vegas! Bradley Headed up north the second we landed to go spend the rest of the week with his family. On Monday he and I begin this super intense 2 week Lifegaurd course designed to seriously kick our asses! Then the day after we finish Bradley and I meet up with the rest of my summer staff for a 3 day training session (led by yours truly). On the 4th morning 27 surfers arrive and we all fly out together to Surfer's Heaven.

Aside from a day trip to Hakealala National Park, Bradley and I spent our last couple days in HI completely vegging! We know exactly what's coming and are doing our best to start making up for all the lost sleep we are inevitably going to miss! Brad and I watched Shelter again, but this time on a 60 inch widescreen. I can now say without a doubt that aside from this 2 second shot of the Manhattan Beach Peir, there were absolutely no South Bay beaches in that WHOLE MOVIE! Also, it’s very disconcerting watching a 15 second clip of these guys surfing where every single angle was shot at a different beach! In that clip the same character surfed Malibu, then Laguna and then was magically back in Malibu! At best those two beaches are at least 2 hours apart! Somebody needs to let me in on the secret of teleportation, because I sooo totally want it! And I promise to not use my new found knowledge for evil!

I have been doing a lot of thinking since I saw, Shelter, the first time. It really is creepy how similar the main character was to me, and it’s not all in my head! We both indulge in a little post-graffiti street art now and again (Off the top of my head I can think of 3 places IN SAN PEDRO, where you can see my work at this very moment!). We both came out to our best friends without actually saying the words and it all went down in a restaurant! And a million other little things that were all kind of weird and creepy because of their similarities. And it’s not just me either! Eddie sooo totally called me after seeing this movie and was all over how the lead guy is like the bizarro me, but far less attractive!

But all those similarities just got me thinking about the kind of person I was, way back when… And the kind of person I have become, right here in the present... In a lot of ways I am proud of how I have evolved as a man, but in more ways than I care to admit, I am ashamed(Going from this to this). I have changed so much so fast that actually stopping to take stock of it all is extremely overwhelming. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that, The only thing constant is Change...

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