Sunday, June 01, 2008

More Conversations @ 30,000ft

Bradley and I boarded the plane and as soon as we took our seats we were in our on world telling jokes and messing around; so I am not entirely sure when the sturdy and rather robust looking woman took her seat next to us. But at some point she definitely let her presence be known with a sturdy and robust voice that perfectly matched her body!

Sturdy Lady: You two look like a couple of heart breakers. You boys coming home to the islands, or are you on vacation?
Bradley: We’re going on vacation.
Sturdy Lady: I was here visiting my grandkids. They are both around your age. Here’s a picture of them.

Bradley and I both take the picture of two homely looking guys that obviously inherited their looks from their grandmother and pretend to give a fuck as we look at it and smile and nod. What the hell are you supposed to say when a stranger hands you a picture of people you don’t know!?

Sturdy Lady: They aren’t lookers like you two, but they are very sweet boys.
RGB: Oh really?

Because WHAT THE FUCK WAS I SUPPOSED TO SAY!? This woman was really starting to make both Bradley and I very uncomfortable and we hadn’t even taken off yet! Bradley gets really weirded out when people start talking about his looks. Not that he doesn’t know he’s attractive; the boy would have to be blind to not realize that 9 times out of ten he’s the best looking guy in the room. It’s just really creepy when some old Hawaiian woman on an airplane won’t shut up about it! The flight attendants began their whole routine of seatbelt and plane crashing exit routines, and I was grateful for the reprieve from this woman. She’s quiet for awhile, but after the plane gets into the air and the pilot turns off the fasten safety belt light, she starts talking again!

Sturdy Lady: I have a few nieces right around your age that would love to take handsome boys like you two around the island.
Bradley: I am actually in a relationship and very much in love, so I don’t know if that would be very appropriate for me to do that. But thanks for the offer.
Sturdy Lady: To bad, how about you sweetie?
RGB: (slightly smirking and fighting off a hearty chuckle) Yeah I am kind of in a relationship also, but I am not nearly as in love as my friend over here. But you should see the person he is with! (at this point Bradley starts playfully shoving me and starts glaring also) If I were with somebody like that, we would never make it passed the front door, if you know what I mean! Besides I have cousins in Lahaina so I know my way around pretty well.

After that round of conversation sturdy lady pretty much lost interest in us and started enjoying the on-flight entertainment. We pulled out our portable DVD player and watched a few other netflix movies and were finally able to enjoy the silence. We landed and hopped into our rental and found refuge in a big empty house and proceeded to spend the next two days having sex in every room on every surface we could. Our sex drives are only fueled by the flatness of the ocean, and with surfing out of the question, our dicks are damn near ready to fall off!

So right now I am planning a 4 day trip to Oahu. The RGB name still holds enough weight to score us a free room while we are there. I just have to keep in mind that while we are guests at the house, we aren’t boyfriends, we are just friends. This is going to be a lot of fun because Bradley has never been to Oahu, so we are going to do the whole tourist thing which is going to be a lot of fun because I haven’t done that in years.

The surf camp owner shot me an email before we left for Hawaii that I thought was going to be a HUGE headache for me, but actually turned out to be not so bad. I haven’t finished working out all the details, I can’t start celebrating quite yet… But it looks like there are going to be between 6 – 10 kids staying through between the boat surf trip and the surf resort trip, so we are doing a 2 week intersession camp in Europe. I worked for this awesome organization a few years back and kept in touch with them and they are a travel camp in Europe. They are letting me tack on my kids to one of their groups and we are just going to follow their itinerary if I help out and act as their translator in Germany and Spain. We just need to work out the cost per kid and get all the necessary forms and get all that crap out to the parents by the third week of June, which of course all falls on my shoulders! But 90% of all the forms I have already had sent to me in PDF so it’s just a matter of collecting the rest and shooting it all out in emails once I have all the details.

This summer is just getting better and better. I am such the mover and shaker it’s UNREAL, but I am going to be sooo exhausted once it’s all over! I can feel it already. Bradley is going to have his work cut out for him keeping me in a good mood and high energy all summer long. I’m not going to lie; I probably got the better end of that deal!

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