Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This summer has been FUCKING AMAZING! I traveled the world, I hung out with some awesome people, and I got to spend some serious quality time with the man I love. I am a little sad that there's no more traveling in my immediate future, but GOD DAMN does it feel good to be over and done with it all! I am horny as fuck and tired as hell, and those two things just don't go together very well.

When we got home this afternoon, Bradley went straight for the shower to shave off all his body hair then head straight for practice, I went to bed. To be 19 again... I have NO IDEA where he gets all this energy from, but when he gets home in a half hour I am pretty sure he's going straight to bed! Which of course means that I am going to have to stay horny till tomorrow morning... Le sigh... I would stab myself in the face if I were a varsity college athlete!


Trevor said...

I can't believe you just posted your penis on your blog! You dirty dirty boy. On a completely different topic, I am so glad you are home now. After your done screwing your boyfriend all morning we are going for margaritas in OB for lunch!

David said...

*double take* at right side of first picture... dirty boy ;)

you sound "le tired". get a good night's rest.. then have sex all day tomorrow. yayyyyy

Carl said...

That pic from the top left where you are swimming, are you in Switzerland in it? Those pictures paint a fun looking picture that looks like an fantastic way to spend your summer!