Monday, October 06, 2008

Group hug!

I have been acting a little crazy these last few weeks. The stresses of life have really weighed down on me to the point of extreme exhaustion and more than a few tears. I am beyond done with LA and I am counting the days until I can come home to SD, and Bradley.

Between my crazy work schedule, and my brother's "recovery efforts" I am stretched pretty thin with the fake smiles and A-OK disposition. So to relax I have been hitting the gym with Johnny 6 days a week. He's training for one of the biggest fights in his career so it's really nice being around that kind of intensity! He doesn't have time to ask me how I am feeling or even notice if there's this huge raincloud over my head. We just hit the gym with a bunch of other guys and spend hours and hours grappling, hitting the heavy bag, and running until we vomit. If it weren't for Johnny I would have drank myself stupid this passed month.

Sunday afternoon a bunch of friends came over and we decided to head out to the beach. These are my super duper masculine friends that usually communicate with each other with a series of grunts and crude gestures, so I felt pretty safe from any emotionally invasive conversations. We had some beers caught a few waves and grabbed some good eats at a local dive restaurant it was a good day. Then Johnny had to go and ruin it all, but not really!

We were all sitting on the sand as the day started winding down not really talking about anything. Then Johnny looked over at me and told me he something that almost made me cry. BUT I DIDN'T, because I am a tough manly man like that! The other guys basically agreed with their usual grunts and inappropriate scratching. In the end it was relatively painless and extremely cathartic. I need more weekends like this.


Anonymous said...

Friendship makes the world go round! Glad to see you are starting to feel better about things. You deserve to be happy and should do it more. Even for big bumbling jock types it looks like you have some big sensitive teddybears as friends. This boy his a little jealous.

Trevor said...

Johnny's scary! You boys and your silly sweaty fun. Learn to deal with your problems through shopping and gossip like the rest of us men!

Jason said...

The tough guys only act tough because deep down they are all big teddy bears! Look at yourself, big bad scrappy doo, but deep down you have the biggest heart of us all. Its not secret, stop acting like it is!

John said...

You always have all those pics of guys being all with just a hint of homo. Where do you find these guys?

Matt said...


Was that a HINT of sarcasm in your last comment on my blog? Hmmmm? Oh, the abuse I take!

It's ok, I still love you. :-)