Friday, October 31, 2008

Hit the ground running!

I have been up for almost 24 hours straight but I can't sleep because I am TOTALLY wired! Between the time change and the crazy last day on my trip I haven't really been able to rest. I am totally on the biggest high of my life thinking back on everything I have done, I have never been so proud of how I represented myself as a surfer and as a man. I seriously feel like I could take down a a giant with my swinging dick and my massive ego!

I am in LA right now hanging with Tyler. In a couple hours we are going to head over to my mom's to check on my brother, then later tonight we are meeting Bradley and Tyler's chick for some partying in Burbank with a buttload of HS and college friends. I have an extremely busy weekend with the party tonight, this special event tomorrow in O.C., and a CRAZY party in Santa Barbara on Sunday. Thank god for my Ritalin prescription! Hope everybody has an awesome Halloween (and weekend) partying it up and what not.


Jason said...

How you don't die from exhaustion, I have no idea! I need a 12 hour nap just after reading your itinerary. Just curious, would the world end if you decided to lay off all the crazy activities this weekend and not do anything?

Breathturn said...

Ride the wave as long as it lasts! After a long, bitter work week, I decided to step out into the world and have fun. Had a blast, too. I love Halloween!