Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthday Bonanza!

It’s about that time of year again… 23 years ago almost to the day, 2 completely irresponsible 15 year olds decided adoption, abortion, and abandoning me in a dumpster weren’t the cool new thing all the other teenagers were doing at the time. So instead they kept me, and the crazy shenanigans of teenage parents ensued. After 23 years of what I would consider, “A hard knocked life”, I am still alive so I guess they did something right.

I have no issues telling somebody I love them or I care for them. I have no issues giving somebody a present or giving them some sort of gesture to let them know they are important to me. What I do have a problem with is allowing others to do the same for me. I can’t even accept from others what I so freely feel comfortable giving to them. Intellectually I know I deserve all the love and affection my friends, family and boyfriend have to give me but I have never really been much of an intellectual.

Tyler wanted to make a big deal out of my 23rd birthday for some stupid reason he keeps explaining to me but I keep forgetting. I was having NONE of that. So I decided to preempt him by having a birthday BBQ for myself! So I send out some e-vites and I make a few calls, but in the end only a hand full of people commit themselves to coming. Since I have such low self-esteem and am generally pessimistic (when it comes to stuff for me) it made perfect sense to me that nobody wanted to come.

Fast forward to yesterday Tyler, Johnny, Bradley and Jane are all doing their best to get me out of my grumpy mood because everybody abandoned me on my Bday! Then around 1 I go to get the grill started and I can’t find the FUCKING charcoal! I seriously almost punched a wall I was so pissed off. So Tyler casually suggests we go out to grab some grub instead of be cooking for everybody when it’s my birthday. At that point I couldn’t really argue because I felt totally defeated. I know! I get it! I am such a brat and when things don’t go my way I can bitch like nobody’s business! It’s annoying and I apologize for the unattractive behavior.

Anyway we jump into my SUV and I let Tyler drive because all I want to do is get in the back with Bradley and be in my moody head for awhile. We finally get to this restaurant around Encinitas (which is WAY further than I wanted to go!) and this place is PACKED! There were so many cars in the lot that we had to park down the street. I start to get mildly annoyed again because I am HUNGRY and we just drive a half hour to get food a restaurant where I am probably going to have to wait another half hour before we can finally eat!

As we are walking toward the place a couple of my SD friends (that I invited to my party but the declined!) come out and totally make eye contact and freak out! But I wasn’t about to let them get away from me without a guilt trip for ditching me on my day. So I walk up to them and I am like, “Hey guys! What’s going on? How was the food? Any big plans today?” They kind of smile at me and tell me they just had some food and they were about to go catch some waves. I tell them they need to come inside with us and have a couple of drinks with me since it is MY BIRTHDAY! So of course they do. Walking through the parking lot in the back of my mind I kind or register that I recognize almost all the cars in this entire parking lot, but I am not really thinking about that. What I am thinking about was the lame ass excuse my friends I just caught gave me when they told me they wouldn’t come to my party! I open the door to the restaurant still looking away though because Bradley is walking SUPER DUPER slow, and just as I turn my head to face the inside everybody in the entire establishment screams, “SURPRISE!”.

So naturally I scream, “HOLY FUCK!”, nearly shit my pants, do a 180 and attempt to run the hell away as fast as I can so people don’t seem me turn the brightest red EVER. Unfortunately Tyler was anticipating this reaction and quickly grabbed me by my waist and picked me up and brought me right back in. I think I went through all the stages of mourning in about a minute. First I was in shock, then I was in denial, then I was ANGRY AS FUCK, finally came acceptance. After calming down I scanned the place and I noticed every person I invited was here along with 20 or 30 people I didn’t invite but was still pretty excited to see. Initially I was annoyed with Tyler because I told him there was no way in hell I wanted to have another surprise party as long as I lived. But I got over that pretty fast because this was actually a lot of fun.

Like I said, the party was fun. Still nobody bothered with logistics. I had limited space for transportation of goods, and an obscene amount presents. Seriously after one turns 14, I really don’t see the point in presents anymore! It took a 4 SUV caravan to get all my shit back to my place. Though I think presents are stupid I did get some pretty awesome gifts! A couple of my friends are disgustingly talented artists and I got some really amazing pieces from them. There were also quite a few of my old sponsors there and I got some kick ass gear for both surfing and snowboarding. I also got gift cards up the butt and am quite sure it will be a very long time before I actually have to pay cash @ a Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or Best Buy!

Once we got home Bradley and I packed an overnight back and drove up to the Tyler’s house. This morning a lot of my family came over and we had a nice birthday breakfast bright and early (6:30am early!). This one was a lot more relaxing and easy to accept because I knew it was coming. Now that I am finally having a moment to let the dust settle I am a little embarrassed over all the attention. I never really quite feel like I deserve it, but I know I know it makes them just as happy as it makes me so I try and dwell on that. I am looking forward to a lazy Sunday and seriously hoping that there are no more surprises in my immediate future because I don’t really think I can handle anymore birthday celebrations.


Sam said...

happy birthday! 23 eh?

ooh, getting old....


great blog, by the way!

Trevor said...

I wish you could have seen your face! Classic! That was some good fun and I can't wait to do it again next year! JK!JK!!.

Jason said...

I have to agree with Trevor. The expression on your face was totally classic! hahaha! Great party dude, can't wait for the New Year's blowout!

Anonymous said...

That's quite a large champagne glass. I have heard of champagne breakfasts but that's ridiculous!