Saturday, December 06, 2008


We have postponed the rest of our snowboarding extravaganza due to the fact there wasn’t any fucking snow! Yeah I know, we fail at life! We all decided to head back to SD and try this whole thing again in January. Yesterday was a little warm so we decided to have a little fun in Johnny’s pool since none of us really had the energy to hit the beach.

Things are getting really crowded in my house as of late with my uncle, Bradley, and Jane living there for almost as long as I have had my place, and Tyler deciding to stay with us through January, I have finally run out of bedrooms! Of course I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Tyler in my house, and I totally won’t miss having a room dedicated to all mine and Bradley’s Trophies and such… All that shit has been relegated to the game room and the garage (where all that crap belongs! People already know how awesome I am without having to see an entire room full of reasons why!).

Bradley and I are working through some relationship drama which hasn’t been very fun. Basically I’m a self absorbed asshole and the biggest brat EVER and getting me to apologize or admit I might be a little wrong is like trying to split an atom with a chisel and a sledge hammer. Its crazy because I see that I am wrong, I know exactly how I can make it better and I know eventually I will give in and make things right, but I won’t do it until I look like the biggest asshole EVER and everybody is telling me so. One day Bradley is going to get really tired of always having to be the grown up and leave me for some kid in high school and ironically that kid will still be more mature than I am.


Trevor said...

We are all painfully aware of the bratty stubborn bastard that is RGB and are all too willing to pay that price to be around you. Don't pretend like you actually feel bad about how you act though, because then we might actually expect you to change! ;)

By the way, don't you guys know that consuming alcohol while swimming in a pool isn't exactly the safest thing in the world to do!? Boy I wonder where you head's at sometimes!

Jason said...

I've noticed the longer I know you the less I seem to fall for your whole lost puppy act... If I were you I would definitely try working on acting like a big boy! I kid. Bradley probably likes this part as much as he does the make up sex you guys are probably having right now. Think of it as foreplay and then you won't feel nearly as guilty!

Anonymous said...

Why are the people in your pictures always so hot?

RGB said...

Just cuz!

Matt said...

Yes, I was wondering the same thing about the people in your pictures. I was wondering if you could arrange for an orgy with me included. I'm totally willing to drive to San Diego. Anytime. It doesn't bother me at all that most of them are straight. Yeah, that'd be great, thanks.

Funny you ask about my underwear modeling habits. That parenthetical was actually the WHOLE point of that blog remind me of that in 30 years when I'm old and looking back on the good old days. The rest of the post was just fluff. That probably doesn't make any sense to anybody but me. Alas.