Tuesday, December 02, 2008


It's day 5 of my totally awesome snowboarding trip and I have yet to go snowboarding. Can't say it wasn't expected, so we came with a couple of back up plans and have spent the last 5 days pool skating, rock climbing, EXTREME BIKING, and of course jumping into large bodies of water in 40 degree weather then running around half naked! While I can't really say that I have really spent a single moment bored, I am feeling a little unfulfilled not getting to use my snowboard!
We have been talking about abandoning our snowboarding plans for activities that we will actually be able to accomplish. I put my vote in for Hawaii where they are having 20 ft waves @ North Shore. Tyler's down, but Johnny's got his heart set on snowboarding and wants to hit Whistler which Jane is down for and I kind of a little bit but not really want to do that too. So I guess my point is that all is not lost for some alternative sport action! 

I am looking to do some serious damage on my credit card over the next few weeks because I am TOTALLY going to be making the big money staring in January! Not that I am really going to have many chances to actually use my credit card, but that's a different story that I don't really want to bitch about right now because I always feel like I come off a little petty and ridiculous. Argh! Basically Tyler still treats my like a baby and he pays for everything and he carries all the heavy things etc and its fucking annoying! Yeah I get that he's bigger/older/stronger/richer than I am but we could at least pretend that for an hour of every day that I am his equal, RIGHT!? Okay I'm done.  Of all the problems I have the one that bothers me the most is a friend that likes to take care of me, how much of a bitch am I!?

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