Friday, January 30, 2009

Adventures in LA LA Land!

First off let me say that it was quite a toss up between making, “LA LA”, one word or two. In the end two won out because it reminded me of musical scales, but NOT The Sound of Music because I haven’t actually seen that movie (judge me if you want, but I refuse to give into the singing Germans). LA LA land, as defined by, is a state of mind characterized by unrealistic expectations or a lack of seriousness, unless you are in NYC and then it what you call a person from Los Angeles (yeah I don't get it either[just in case you guys didn't figure that last part out, I was being facetious]). ANYWAY, yesterday proved to be more eventful than expected for me as I was only planning to catch up on some DVR’d TV, maybe smoke a bowl with girl B, and later take dinner to the Bradley clan at the hospital. Then out of nowhere Bradley’s mom calls to let me and the other boyfriends and girlfriends in the house know that a gaggle of their extended family would be stopping by and wondered if we could get them unpacked and bring them to the hospital!

Meeting the boyfriend’s extended family is awkward. Wait, I take that back, the PROSPECT of meeting the boyfriend’s extended family WITHOUT the boyfriend is awkward! You worry that they won’t like you, or worse yet, you won’t like them. What if they don’t get your humor? What if you find them obnoxious, or worse yet, stupid? Who’s going to protect you from their weird aunt’s inappropriate touching or their crazy uncle’s disapproving uber-Christian morals!? Luckily for me, none of these things actually happened (but boy do I love building suspense!) Anyone who is capable of dancing to NSYNC at the Pho diner, climbing a tree, and dropping trou as they say goodbye to only have a cop car pull up behind them all in the course of one evening is alright by me…and most certainly deserves a repeat performance at breakfast. ANYWAY, this week has been a pretty awesome morale boost here in the house especially because of last night! Although I suspect that might be due to the fact that we included dancing and liquor in last night’s festivities!

ANYWAY kids, the lesson here is this: meeting the boyfriend’s extended family without, THE BOYFRIEND, is awkward but also full of hilarity and sometimes so eventful that you feel the need…to blog about it (HA! you thought I was gonna say speed…suckers!). The end result is that I am pretty psyched these people are here. They are lightening things up a lot and helping everybody to see that it’s okay to smile even when things are looking as bleak as ever. This is going to be a good weekend.


Trevor said...

Are you sure you aren't the one who got caught with his pants down in front of the cop? It sounds like something that usually happens to you on nights that end in a "y"... Don't get mad, I only speak the truth!

Anonymous said...

The Von Trapps are Austrian, not German, FYI. I'm in my forties, (black, gay love your blog), and didn't see the movie until I was about your age. A friend told me I'd really like it, which I doubted. She was right. It's pretty cool, because, aside from the music, you get a sense of the way the Nazis crept into power. my .02