Thursday, March 26, 2009

The elevator guy

So last Saturday I got on the elevator and this guy that lives a few floors above me was already inside and greeted me like he always does. He’s lived in the building as long as I have been there, and is pretty cool. Usually we just fill the time with standard small talk ie: How’s it going? How’ve you been? Where are you off to?. 

But on that day we deviated from the standard small talk when he mentioned that I haven’t spent this much time at my apartment in years. So I made some kind of remark about him noticing my absence. We both laughed and when the elevator doors opened we did something we had NEVER done before! We got out and continued our conversation in the lobby! We talked for about 5 minutes and then he asked me what my plans for lunch were. I told him I was going to go uptown wander around for awhile and then grab some eats at whatever caught my eye. He told me he had similar solo plans and we should go together. 

After 8 years we have accumulated enough information about each other from small talk to be a small step above strangers bordering on acquaintances.  Before last Saturday I knew his name was Kevin, he worked on Broadway (not as an actor), he’s in his mid to late 30’s, and he’s fucking gorgeous! There’s no doubt about it, I have a very specific type when it comes to my men; Smart, athletic, preppie, and tall. I know its crazy weird that prep makes me freak and break out in hives when applied to me, but with other guys it’s bordering on some kind of crazy fetish! Let’s not analyze this!

He had a very pleasant day and an extremely pleasant evening. Since Saturday we have actually had quite a few pleasant moments together. Kevin’s not my boyfriend or anything icky like that! I let him know from the very beginning that we are just having fun and he needs to do his best to not get all clingy and weird. I am not even close to being ready for another boyfriend, but I could settle for a friend that I enjoy sex with. Besides at 39 years of age he is exactly 2 weeks older than my father so that‘s totally a deal breaker on it‘s own! Speaking of age differences he probably thinks I am a little older than I actually am. I met him 8 years ago as a freshmen in college so he’s probably assuming I am 25 or 26. Kevin is seriously robbing the cradle and has no idea he‘s old enough to be my dad (and older than my dad!)…


Anonymous said...

Are you saying your father was 16 when he had you!? That's freaky young.

Anonymous said...

Well that's convenient, having a friend with benefits in the same building!

Mike said...

You always seem like a train wreck waiting to happen, but every time you seem to veer off two inches from the crash. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Once again you landed on your feet. Good on you!

And over the age of 23 is not robbing the cradle. Something happens to the human brain around the age of 23. Relationship with someone or when you’re under 23 just don’t work, but after 23 everybody’s fair game.