Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Veg in Vegging!

This was a lazy weekend for me and I took full advantage of it! I only left my apartment once for a few hours to see Watchmen and the rest of the weekend was spent with me in my underwear catching up on all my Tivo’d shows! Where do I begin? Ummm… How about with America’s Best Dance Crews!?

I have been obsessed with dance from a very young age, and ABDC is a great way to focus my obsession! I AM FUCKING infatuated with Victor of Quest Crew! The way he moves, his crazy tricks and did I mention the way he moves!? He’s hot! After that hip hop marathon epp. I KNEW Quest was going to win it! They were badass! I think after their piano performance I actually jumped up on my couch and started cheering! Wow I think I just ended every sentence in that paragraph with an exclamation point! That’s how awesome they were and how awesome it was to watch them win it!

I was impressed with Watchmen. I read it back in college and I thought it was epic and I never imagined they would ever turn it into a movie. They stayed relatively true to the script and I thought they did a pretty decent job retelling the story. I also have to say that I was super impressed with the CGI penis. It was very life like and it even moved a little from time to time. Whoever did the work on that needs a special kudos actually giving the penis life and not making it some crazy stiff (no pun intended) lifeless prop.

Dollhouse was a show that I had recorded all the epps so far, but hadn’t actually sat down and watched any of them. The first episode was actually really boring, but I guess I understood why it was necessary to have this as the pilot. But after that the show really picked up and it just got more and more awesome with each show. Eliza Dushku has always been just a little more awesome than Sarah Michelle Gellar in my book, so it goes without saying where I fall in the proverbial Betty or Veronica debate! What can I say? Brunettes are hotter!

Finally Battlestar Galactica! Come on how fucking awesome is this show!? I can’t believe it’s almost over. I feel like there’s no point in living after BSG ends. Every episode I watched had me completely enthralled. It’s literally the very end and I still have a million questions and if they aren’t answered by the last show I am seriously going to hunt down the writers and beat them until this whole thing makes some frakking sense to me!

There’s some drama happening in my life at the moment. I am doing my best to avoid it and pretend like everything is peachy, but that never works! Unfortunately my ability to deny reality never actually extends to reality itself… So soonish I am probably going to be in a relatively crappy mood, but until then, I found this video of Victor from Quest singing a death cab song! He can dance, play multiple instruments, he’s an artist and he can sing! If I were to ever see this guy in real life I would probably start screaming and jumping up and down like a fucking school girl!

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Jason said...

Whatevs. You sing way better.