Monday, April 20, 2009

And ya don't stop!

This has been one of the most hectic weeks of 2009! On Tuesday me and about 8 of my friends from NYC (who have never been to CA) flew to LA in hopes of me showing them the time of their lives with it all culminating at a weekend adventure at Coachella. I was especially excited for Coachella this year, not because of the line-up (which except for 8 or 9 exceptions was really quite underwhelming), but because this was going to be the first time in a while that I wasn’t actually at the event promoting the whole time!

Besides showing my NYC friends what Cali is all about and why it’s a BILLION times better than living in New York, I also had some business to take care of. I met with a few camp owners about a summer job in either LA or SD (I think I have it narrowed down to 2 camps and I am probably just going to split the difference and do them both!), I met with the guy that handles my money so we could finally get my taxes taken care of (My finances are sooo confusing and I have NO IDEA what’s going on with all that mess I just sign my name where he tells me and hope for the best), and I also had to get in touch with a moving company to grab all the boxes and furniture out of my house in SD in June when the lease is up.

So in between all that personal business I took my friends (along with Tyler, Jane and Johnny) kite surfing, sailing (to Catalina), skin diving, tidepooling, and dining at all my favorite restaurants (Like Brix @ 1601, r+d kitchen, and Typhoon [despite the insect menu its quite good!}). My poor friends couldn’t hang and by Thursday they were all sunburned and completely exhausted from all the warm weather and leisure activities! People from the East Coast are WEAK!

Thursday night we left for Palm Springs and checked into our hotel. I called up a couple of friends and found out where the parties were at, but my wimpy friends were still too tired to party, so me Tyler, Jane & Johnny decided to go and have fun without them. I don’t remember the night as clearly as I think I should, but I have a good feeling that fun was had by all in attendance…

Friday was a good day. I met up with a friend and scored us all some VIP passes and compound that with the mild (for indio) weather, it was perfection! I am not really that big of a Paul McCartney fan, but it was a lot of fun singing along with “Back in the USSR”. My friends really seemed to be enjoying all the crazy celebrities that were hiding out in the VIP section, but I am all about the music and spent most of my time running from stage to stage. At night after the day’s performances were over, I was pretty beat so we went back to the hotel and ordered a buttload of food and spent the next few hours eating and watching Slumdog Millionaire. I had never seen that movie and I really enjoyed it, plus the guy that wins all that money was really cute and I enjoyed watching him.

Saturday was FUCKING HOT! My poor friends were melting in the song and they totally couldn’t hang. Most of them went back to the hotel by 8 and they totally missed out on all kinds of awesomeness. I would have to say that with all the great music I heard on Saturday (and there was a lot of great music!) my favorite moment was running into David Hasselhoff! Jane and I were leaving the VIP area on our way to catch TV on the Radio and THERE HE WAS! DAVID FUCKING HASSELHOFF! The dude looked AWFUL! I mean he was sooo scary looking the phrase “Tranny hot mess” comes to mind… But he was also super nice and a lot of fun to talk to! He was with a lady friend who seemed nice enough and I totally got to shake the Hoff’s hand when we parted ways! He even called Jane, “darling” which made me chuckle heartily for a plethora of reasons that would only make sense after a half hour of explanation that I just don’t have the time for right now!

Unfortunately we had to bail on Sunday because my friends had to fly back to NYC. It was alright though because I wasn’t really too excited with the line-up for the last day. After we dropped my friends off at the airport, me and my local homies decided we needed some alcohol, with a side of lunch. By 4 everybody was passed out at the house except for me. So I decided to go for a walk and I ended up at my favorite beachfront Starbucks. I hung out there sipping my iced apple chai concoction and drawing in my sketchbook until the sun came down. There was also a texting incident that left me feeling like a jackass but that’s just going to be a story that has to be told on a future post.

My crazy whirlwind LA trip ended with me being shaken awake by Mrs. Tyler @ 6:30am to let me know I had to get going if I was going to make my 8am flight back to NYC. Which really caught me off guard because I was almost positive that I was flying home @ 10am. Of course she was right and I was wrong, and I BARELY made my flight back to NYC! Now I am off to work until midnight. Life’s just nonstop for me cuz I'm awesome! 


Jason said...

I can't believe you went into work Monday night! Don't you find it necessary to be alert at work especially with what you do!? You are a machine! If I were to come to NYC would you show me a good time like your friends that came to LA?

Trevor said...

The Hoff is the SHIZZ! You are sooo lucky!