Thursday, January 28, 2010

Care Package!

The problem with masturbation and me is my crappy wrists and my inability to climax in under 10 minutes. After a couple of minutes my wrists start to ache, then after 5 they start to burn like they were on fire, and this is when I usually give it up with 2 burning wrists and a set of aching blue balls! So needless to say, January started off with lots of sexual frustration and unusable appendages. THEN, this week I received a care package from my boyfriend. In it was a fleshjack, a couple of really REALLY HOT pics of Bradley, and a time when I could get him on video-chat for some live action. Who knew there was a device out there that could alleviate all my pain and bring me SO MUCH GOD DAMN PLEASURE!?

There's something about being able to get intimate with my boyfriend that calmed me down even more than a good wank. I have been sooo stressed out by work and all my extracurriculars I have taken on so I wouldn't have any free time to think about how I have become a lonely spinster with no boyfriend and no best friend to pass the time with. Between my 60 hour weeks in the office, the 2 postcards I promised to design for my favorite nonprofit, and the recreational sports team I decided to join, I don't actually get to sleep anymore. But after Bradley's first video chat with me, I slept for 11 hours straight!

I don't really even know what the point of this post is, except to say that I was in serious need of some sexual release and I FINALLY GOT IT! SWEET SWEET RELEASE! Also the sex aside, it really made me feel good that Brad was all the way where he was and he's still thinking about me; taking care of me. I miss him so much it hurts. I know it really hasn't been that long since he left, but it's just the idea of how long he's actually going to be gone that's psyching me out. I totally understand that all this was was a sexual aid and some nude photos, but it was so much more than that to me. I am so whipped it's all kinds of pitiful! But I am damn proud that I am.


Jordan said...

Brad sounds like a really cool guy. glad that u cud feel some intimacy even being so far away.
hang onta that guy, def a bit jealous of u

Trevor said...

Awww!! Porn and a travel sized butthole and you fall in love all over again! How romantic is that? Lolz. I am just fucking with you. That was actually really sweet of Brad and you know I'm jealous. I also resent those lonely spinster comments you made because we've been out partying a few times this month! What am I chopped liver?

Jason said...

There's no way you can say that life sucks after last night. NUFF SED!

Mind Of Mine said...

I can only imagine that your frustration of that was similiar to a horny teenage amputee.

RGB said...

haha! That's really funny. And EXACTLY how I felt!