Thursday, February 04, 2010

It's almost over!

Before I started my current job, my team of programmers had been working on this project for 6 months. In that time they didn't really get a whole lot done because they lacked leadership. They had a leader, but he didn't really have what it took to get things done. So the company decided to bring in a badass who knew how to make shit happen. Today at work I TOTALLY FINISHED THE PROJECT I HAVE BEEN SLAVING OVER FOR THE LAST 3 MONTHS!! And not to brag or anything, but I finished it 2 months ahead of schedule.

They've asked me to stay on with the company permanently, but I politely yet emphatically declined. It really blows being good at everything I try because every time I do a good job with it people assume its my calling! They didn't want me to go, but I didn't want to stay, so we worked out a compromise where I stay and help search for the guy who'll replace me. I'll be honest, the only reason why I didn't just quit immediately was because I didn't trust myself to NOT jump on a plane right that second and fly to Bradley. I need to make it at least 2 months before I jump on a plane or this is just going to be all kinds of unhealthy.

Today I left work while the sun was still out and I went for a run then I took a shower, AND THE SUN WAS STILL OUT! I know I am still chained to this craptastic job that I hate more than life itself, but now that I basically just have to sit around and watch youtube vids all day things are really starting to look up for me. I am completely wired thinking about what I am going to do after this programming shtick is over and done with. I have been getting a buttload of offers from art jobs, to production jobs and a bunch of offers somewhere along that spectrum. No sleep will be had in the house of RGB tonight because my brain is about to explode thinking about all the possibilities.

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