Saturday, January 14, 2012

Acclimating and Venting...

As I have stated before, the idea of moving first came up days after Brad injured himself back in September. Bradley’s only concern about moving so much sooner was me. We’d agreed after I moved back to SD to NEVER live apart because that’s just no fun and all kinds of wrong.

These last few months everything has been on my shoulders. From finding our new place, to packing up the majority of our stuff, to picking out the new furniture to replace the pieces that were too much of a pain to ship; I have been insanely flustered and overwhelmed for a while now. But I am THE MAN, so I got it all done and I made it look easy.

OK FINE, we already had a place to stay and we had a moving company pack and ship all of our stuff to our house AND most of the furniture that we weren’t shipping was already in the house that we were moving into. We even had our cars shipped because between the 2 of us we have 4, besides with my bad back and all of Brad’s ailments there’s no way we could survive a cross country roadtrip!

Our future home is still being renovated and won’t be ready for us to live in until mid-February. The neighborhood that we are staying in currently isn’t really the kind of environment that either of us would choose. I don’t know how to describe this area without sounding like a stuck up richboy… ITS FUCKING SCARY! I am pretty sure that our cars are worth more than the house we are in and I am not entirely sure what meth looks like, but I am pretty sure this guy down the street is selling it!

Speaking of cars, when the car shipper guy was dropping off our cars, it was kind of awkward and terrible. In LA and SD extremely expensive cars are a dime a dozen. It's not uncommon to see a Maserati or Ferrari driving down the street, or see a Cayenne or G550 parked in a driveway. Things are a bit different where we are now, I am pretty sure the nicest car on this block is a 2004 Honda Accord. Brad got a new car when he graduated high school because his parents were psyched that he was saving them almost $200,000 in tuition with his scholarships. Then they got him a car when he graduated college because they knew he was going to need something bigger with all the driving he would be doing. Then I have my car that my dad and I restored together and then the "loaner" from the tylers. THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD came out to see the mini autoshow as they unloaded the cars and I drove them into the driveway. First my Cayenne, then Brad's G550 (aka the nazi mobile, I don't know why, it just looks really menacing) then my carrera and lastly brad's TT coupe. I felt like a 300lb fat guy having a 1 man pie eating contest in front of a bunch of starving people. It was terrible!

I have this long business trip that I am about to go on and I am a little scared to leave Bradley alone. I know he’s 6’3 and solid muscle and pretty intimidating to look at, BUT he’s a rich white boy from Santa Barbara and I am a worried that he won’t be able to handle himself if something happens while I am gone. I mean, He has ABSOLUTELY NO street smarts, and this is the South AND the ghetto, AND he’s injured, there’s just too much to stress out about!

Things with Eddie and I have been tense for a while and they’re not getting any better. After we initially “made up” Eddie got really territorial and turned into a prick. At one point Eddie even suggested that there was no me in this business without him. It was all quite melodramatic and a bit immature for him. Especially since he was clearly trying to put me down because of how insecure our parting was making him! The truth is that whenever we collaborate the person that everybody always remembers the most, IS ME.

I don’t know why, but I needed for him to see that I have my own talent and reputation outside of his shadow. Eddie is definitely more talented than I am and he has a work ethic and desire to succeed that I just can’t touch, but I am charming and personable. When two guys have almost identical reels, the client is going to go for the man they like the most, and that’s always going to be me! So I bid on a couple of projects Eddie was currently submitting treatments on, I convinced my agent to get me face time with the clients, and wouldn’t you know it, I WON BIG TIME! In December I shot a music video for this band Eddie really wanted AND I got a $10,000 larger budget than he was offered! Now I am flying off to England in a couple days to direct 2 commercials for this very large company and I had my agent negotiate a much more enticing contract than Eddie has ever gotten.

I know this is immature and extremely vindictive, but all I want to do is rub all of this in Eddie’s face. Then I think about it for a little and I feel bad and petty and all I want to do is take it all back because the reality of the situation is that I don’t even care about this nonsense in the least! I can’t imagine myself still doing this 5 years down the road, actually I can’t even imagine myself doing this passed March. I just needed for him to know that if this all ended today, it ended on my terms for my reasons.


Anonymous said...

One of the reasons you don't see fancy cars here... the streets are like a warzone and flood easily whenever it rains. I had my BMW convertible for 1 year down here before it started falling apart, not to mention all the times I had to wake up in the middle of the night to park it one the neutral ground because the water was rising. I did myself a favor and got a cheaper and better equipped vehicle for the environment. Not to mention nobody really gives a shit what you drive here because everyone knows who the old money is and being flashy is considered trashy... welcome to the south.

Also, almost all the neighborhoods are checkerboard, fancy multimillion dollar houses right next to the ghetto. Why? Because in the old days, the folks with the big houses wanted the servants close by, so up sprung the crappier houses close by. It gives the city some charm.

D. said...

So between the two of you, you have:

Two Porsches, a Mercedes, and an Audi.

I hope the house has a four car garage for your German autoshow!

Which one is your favorite to drive?

RGB said...

@ anonymous, that was all very useful info thanks! I would totally get a cheaper car, but I only look rich from the outside... and don't have any actual money to buy things like cheap cars or even gas...

@ D the porches are mine and the other 2 are brad's. When it's working, I enjoy driving the carrera best! It has a lot of sentimental value since I restored it myself. It's a 73 and it was the first year they introduced mechanical fuel injection so I am always having problems there... But it's still a great car and an amazing ride! When I rev the engine, OH MAN, it's good times.

Trevor said...

You knew from the start that hollywood wasn't your future glad you are moving on to something new. Eddie was out of line and also glad you aren't just letting him walk all over you.

@ anon - you know what they say about BMW's? Buy 2 cuz one's always gonna be in the show ;)

RGB said...

Trevor, You know you are just happy you never had to try and go against me on a project! Also I think you meant "shop not show"

@anon, yeah I had 2 bmw's fall apart on me and it never even flooded once. When you own a bmw something is always wrong!