Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reunited! and it feels so good...

I had all sorts of weird fears and insecurities before I flew out to Europe to see Bradley for the first time in 5 WHOLE MONTHS! Mostly all about how Brad was going to come to his senses and realize he could do so much better than me. I know it's stupid, but ever day I wonder how a guy like him could love a loser like myself. When I saw him at the airport all it took was one look to know nothing had changed and I was still his. God I can be such a chick sometimes!

Things have been really crazy since I arrived in Europe. Of course the first couple days Brad and I almost died of starvation and dehydration due to our reluctance to leave our hotel room. Then Brad had to get back to campus for finals and I had to get to the city because I had to get ready for my first art show outside of America. Brad the wonder kid totally aced all his finals, unfortunately my show didn't go over nearly as well as Bradley's finals, let's just leave it at that... Since then Brad and I have been gallivanting across Europe drinking and seeing the sights and hanging out with friends from school (both his and mine now since we've both gone to school in Europe).

Right now we are freezing our asses off in EspaƱa with all this cold and rainy weather. But it doesn't even matter because I have my boyfriend and a warm bed and that's all I need. I am so happy I can't even put it into words.