Saturday, December 08, 2007

When we were young...

This is a picture of me, Tyler, and Trip. I remember this day like it was yesterday. About 9 of us took off on senior ditch day for a road trip, and turned it into senior ditch week! The girls had dared us into sunbathing in our underwear while people passed by on their kayaks. It was pretty funny watching some of the faces that the people made as they kayaked (that's a verb right?) by! In high school we were infamous for the stuff we used to pull, but we were just too fucking adorable to stay mad at!

I guess that looking back Trip was always the craziest of us all. That's saying a lot because between the three of us, there was a car driven into a garage door, sex with a couple of slutty moms, a week in Vegas complete with strippers and alcohol at 15, sex with more girls at once than I have fingers on my right hand, that night in Puerto Rico on our senior trip, and a million other things that would be far too incriminating even for this anonymous blog! We all had parents that pretty much gave us every freedom that NO teenager should ever have, but Trip's parents were literally never there. His dad was based in NYC and his mom was somewhere in Europe doing God knows what! I am pretty sure that if child services how known what was going on, well his parents would have had to pay them off also.

After high school Trip didn't do so well... He became a stereotypical cautionary tale of what happens when you combine an unlimited supply of money and no responsibility or accountability because your parents are to busy vacationing in France or on a business trip in Japan. The last time I saw him was a year and a half ago. He was so strung out and used up that I barely recognized him. He looked like a skeleton with pale yellow skin stretched over it. His parents were just about to send him to rehab for the third time and he was already planning this massive party complete with all the alcohol and drugs he would want when he got out.

Trip overdosed on Sunday and died. At the end we didn't even know each other, but for a majority of our lives we were each other's shadows. I know I said I haven't seen him in over a year, but I miss him already. I had always assumed that one day he would get his act together and we would be able to get our friendship back.

So Trip, you were my friend and I loved you dude. For some reason the loudest thought in my head at the moment is, "You lucky bastard! At least for you it's finally all over.".


Chase said...

I sed it once and I will say it again. Your life is like an extreme version of The OC! My parents would have killed me if I were to disapear for days at a time on a roadtrip with a group of my schoolmates. Sorry to hear about your friend. You will always have your memories to honour him.

Mike said...

My brother's girlfriend drank herself to death in April. She was an alcoholic; her parents gave her everything and refused to get help. I had the same sediments you have towards your friend. Her death was sad, but there was still a sense of relief that her pain had finally ended. RIP