Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If you find yourself in Hell... Keep going.

Because of you, I am finally a man that I can be proud of. My whole life all I ever wanted was to be proud of the guy I saw in the mirror, most of my life this wasn’t something I was actually able to do. Then I met you and that all changed.

You were, quite literally the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on, and from that very first moment I knew I was in trouble! Those first couple years together were an absolute blur! We laughed, we made love, and we began to struggle with the idea that we were stuck in this forever kind of love that had trapped us the moment we met. 

For a very brief moment, we hit a rocky patch and I was scared we weren’t going to find a way back to each other. However, in that time apart I learned more about you, your life, your aspirations, your strength, and your vulnerabilities than I had during the whole of our relationship. I also learned that a life without you was no longer possible for me. Because you are my everything.

Now I wake up every morning feeling like the luckiest man on the planet. Before you came along I was just this stupid boy messing up in life left and right. Then I met you and I became a man. You gave me the courage and the strength to face my demons. You saw me at my worst, you came back for more, and you still loved me. Without you I am not me.

So this is my pledge to you: I love you, and I will spend the rest of my life showing you how much you mean to me. I am yours and I will always be yours. Whether it be fixing a wayward household appliance, or sexing you up until your whole body overloads in ecstasy I will ALWAYS be there for you. And when times get tough I will remember all the reasons why I picked you to be my husband and how I am so very fortunate that you chose me too.

5 years and it feels like I have barely had time to blink. I wonder what 50 is going to feel like… 


Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure if you were alive or not after being gone so long! Glad you came back to your blog, those were lovely words.

John said...
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Anonymous said...

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