Sunday, September 16, 2007

A lot going on!

Let's see... I guess I will start with the most recent event and work backward! This weekend I drove up to LA with the boyfriend and we went to LA invasion, and the LA County Fair. They were both pretty awesome, and both events pretty much sucked all the energy from me until all that remained was this lifeless husk of a man typing this post before you! At the concert, I was lucky enough to get backstage and ham it up with some of my favorite bands, so that was super exciting. Then today I made my annual visit to the LA county fair with all of my friends like we do every year, and we had an awesome time being the goofy losers that we are.

Also this passed week I finally finished setting up all the final details in my new house. It's spectacular and I love having all this space all to myself! Even though technically Brad has spent just as much time (if not more) in my house than I have. I also started a new job that I am kind of psyched about. I am working for this small LGBT community center teaching digital media to teens. Once everybody got over the fact that I wasn't in high school and haven't been a teenager in a few years, we were able to accomplish a lot!

I have also been painting a lot. I am going to be showing a few pieces at a friend's gallery in LA in a couple weeks so I am trying to finish up the stuff I promised and get it up to her soon. Hmmmm what else have I been up to? Oh yeah! I think I might be falling in love again. I don't really want to talk about it right now. I just wanted to throw that out there and see how it feels... I am going to go and pass out in the shower now.


D.U.P said...

Did you have any Fairy Floss at the Fair?????

Trevor said...

That was a fun weekend. It's not the same without you here man.