Friday, July 18, 2008

1 year

This year hasn't been easy on either of us. Between work, sports, friends, family, and school, life has always found a way to be a completely disaster. But together we persevered and were able to grow both as men and as a couple. My only hope is that I was able to give you the strength in your time of need like you have always given me.

I am not so punch-drunk in love to overlook your imperfections, I know you are as deeply flawed as I am. However even with all your flaws, you are still perfect to me. Lately I have had no problem telling you how much I love you, because there's no point in hiding something that is obvious in everything I do.

One year ago to the day, I met you on a picnic bench on the beach. From that very first moment, I knew you were special but I had no idea this is where we would end up. You changed my life at a time when I thought change was impossible and for that I will always be grateful. Thank you for giving me the best year of my life, I hope you have it in you to give me 60 more.


Terrence said...

Congrats on one year of happiness! That's like a decade in gay time. You should be very proud.

Jason said...

I can't believe its been an entire year! I can't even get a guy to spend the weekend with me... I hate you!

Anonymous said...

I love this song. I never realized how romantic it was until now. One year is a huge thing! I hope you do get your 60 more years.

John said...

that was a sweet post. I hope you get your 60 more years!