Saturday, July 05, 2008

It's all good!

I have been having one of those weeks that are so perfect it almost feels unreal. The kids are totally mellow and the counselors have been amazing to be around. Even though I had an amazing experience last summer at camp, it was a completely different experience. I was paddling out with sponsored surfers last year and it was all energy all the time! Here, its different because everybody on the trip is out here for the love of surfing and not to compete, or act life a badass. 

This trip so far has been filled with pleasant surprise. Of course the waves have been amazing, and I have had the pleasure of meeting some awesome surfers that have shown me things out there I would have never imagined. But still, some days I wake up and go onto the deck and as I am staring out at some of the bluest waters I have ever seen it makes me wonder what I have done in my life to deserve witnessing all this beauty. Also there's the people themselves, and how open and accepting they have been about Brad and I. Brad has always been able to be open about his gayness in a way that makes it so normal (because it really is!) and he magically makes everyone around him feel like its normal too. 

There's this thin line between being politically correct and cordial about something, or being completely accepting. To somebody not paying attention the two behaviors could be mistaken for each other, but for somebody in the soup its blatantly obvious which one is which. At first when Brad and I told the other staff we were a couple we definitely got the cordial cold shoulder, but by the end of training weekend they had crossed the line to really opening their hearts to us and I honestly feel like I have made a handful of new friends that are going to be apart of my life for a very long time (And this isn't something that I would say lightly, I hate using the "friend" word and in most situations I would say that 90% of the people who would call me a friend, I would call them an acquaintance).

This whole experience so far has just been so fun, and easy, and beautiful. And it's all thanks to Bradley. He is the most amazing man EVER. Something about who he is as a person is just so magnetic and so special in a completely earnest and pure way, and everybody who meets him sees it. If it weren't for him and the type of person he is, I would not have a smile on my face right now, and I would probably be missing out on all the things about surfing I still love. 

At this moment I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. 


Darren said...

This is just adorable because it's so honest. It's great that you can be so happy :) Congratulations.

Jason said...

This makes me so happy. Whether you believe it or not, you deserve this kind of happiness. I completely agree Bradley is just as amazing as you say he is, but you can't forget you are just as special as he is. Everything you described in him you could easily find those very traits in yourself. It's when you two are together that's what makes the magic happen.

Anonymous said...

This post is so sweet. You really do sound like the luckiest guy in the world. I hope things keep on going your way the rest of the trip.

Brett said...

Good things happen to good people, and you are a very good guy. You really seem to know how to let loose and enjoy yourself. One day I hope to have a summer (and a boyfriend) like yours. I agree with Jason that you poses all those amazing qualities you see in Bradley because we often admire in others what we already poses in ourselves.

John said...

You deserve to see all those beautiful sites because you appreciate them. There are so many guys out there that would look out into the same ocean and not see what you see. It's great how the simple things in life are what you appreciate the most, it says a lot about your character. Thank you for sharing this post, reading it makes me feel as happy as you were writing it.