Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mountain fun!

Me, Johnny, Tyler and Jane are all packed up and ready to celebrate our new found freedom from the world of "employment" (read we are all spoiled rotten losers who quit our jobs and plan to mooch off our parents for a hot minute). Right after we finish our Thanksgiving dinners with our families we are piling into our car for our 2 week adventure where we will hit Mt. High, Big Bear, Mammoth & and if we still have more energy we'll head east to where the real challenges are!

All four of us haven't taken a trip like this together since high school. I am almost scared to think about the trouble we are going to get into along the way... But not really! I am sooo excited thinking about the trip that I literally just squealed! I'm sooo busy from now until Thanksgiving so I won't be blogging anymore this week. I am also not sure if I will get anytime from now until we get back so until my next post, Keep it real! I'm out of here.


Anonymous said...

You are unemployed and on bad terms with both your parents but you still have money to go on this lavish trip? I need to know your secret.

Trevor said...

Snowboarding extravaganza!? That's fucking awesome! Have a blast homez!