Thursday, April 09, 2009

Song of the minute

A couple months ago I FINALLY got this song out of my head, but now its all over the place again! It's never going to go away! I find myself increasingly embarassed when I catch myself singing, "Shush girl, Shut your lips! Do the Hellen Keller, and dance with your hips!" as I am walking down the streets of NYC. Call me crazy, but something about the phrasing seems rather uncouth... 

I do realize that my last entry was me kind of being a little nuts. Thanks for all the nice responses. As always I do appreciate all the nice emails, just give me awhile to get back to you guys because responding back to emails is more painful to me than explaining sinusoidal waves to a 4th grader. Because the easiest way to break it down is by explaining that a cosine wave is said to be "sinusoidal", because cos(x) = sin(x + π / 2), which is also a sine wave with a phase-shift of π/2. Now try writing a personal email to somebody you've never met! It gets A LOT more complicated than math!


Trevor said...

I have no idea what you were talking about in that second paragraph! WTF is a sinosodial wave!? What did that have to do with emails!>? I saw math and my brain shut down. You have ruined my afternoon. I will be having nightmares of math classes I never had to take. Lucky me I'm a liberal arts major.

T said...

Ok, so yours is the second American blog that I've read this week also referring to that song... Thank god it hasn't reached our shores just yet. I mean, Do the Hellen Keller... What is that?!

Jordan said...

hahaha that song makes me laugh a little every time i hear it.

don't worry bout ur last entry being nuts, i think we're all nuts at times. we're all pretty irrational when it comes down to it.
it sounds like you and brad had become really important to eachother, i think what you feel is totally natural. Hell it's good to talk about it.

much love