Monday, December 29, 2008

Boulder problems

The last few days have been awful! There’s been rain and cold and more rain and FOOD! Oh my god! The amount food I have consumed over the last few days has been enough to feed a small village in Africa, and I felt like crap to prove it! Most people take this time to lounge around the house or go out to restaurants and eat more. However I have a friend visiting from South Africa, who happens to be a sponsored boulderer (on a side note who the fuck gets paid to climb a fucking ROCK!?), and a little brother that’s like the fucking energizer bunny! So instead I picked up my friend at his hotel and my little brother at home early in the morning yesterday and we hauled ass to New Jack for some rock climbing.

If I was born to surf, then my little brother was born to climb. He’s been climbing since he was a fetus and now he’s gotten to the point where he can scale a 20ft wall in a couple seconds without breaking a sweat. I like to climb but my brother NEEDS to climb and he’s so good at it I have this strange feeling that at some point in his life he must have been bitten by a radioactive spider. He really impressed my friend, plus he and my friend had a great time razzing me as I slowly traversed my way up the sides of these fucking cliffs like a 40yr old man. I am a seasoned climber and I have been doing this with my dad since forever ago, but these guys are inhumanly good at this shit! I swear they have some kind of magic in their fingers that lets them grip and grab things that no normal human should be able to hold on to.

After 4 hours of being humiliated by my little brother and my EVIL South African buddy I decided I had had enough! I mean seriously! I recently had a very intense Asthma attack and maybe I still needed a little more down time to fully recover! So we grabbed some lunch and then we hit this skate park I have been dying to check out in the Inland Empire for awhile now, but had never had the chance because who the fuck ever finds themselves anywhere near the fucking IE to begin with!? Anyway I felt like I needed to regain my position as alpha dog of my pack so I proceeded to own my 2 hecklers all over the park! When we had finished I felt they had learned their lesson and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am THE MAN!

I woke up this morning SOOOO sore I thought that maybe I might have pulled something. EVERYTHING aches! I spent an hour soaking in the hot tub and this afternoon I have a massage scheduled with the most awesome masseur in Southern California. I am getting way too old for this shit!


Anonymous said...

Didn't you used to get paid for riding waves? I would assume riding waves and getting paid for it would be just as silly as climbing rocks for a living.

Trevor said...

You are such a boy sometimes! Pobrecito with his asthma! I love how things like that only affect you boys when you aren't winning. It's cute. Glad to hear the asthma that was bothering you in the morning had sufficiently cleared up by the time you hit the skate park!

Anonymous said...

Aren't you 23? In what universe is being 23 old!? If you are old then I am ancient!

Jason said...

How would one go about procuring an appointment with "the most awesome masseur in Southern California"? This is something I want in on immediately! Hope you are feeling better in time for our New Year's blow out EXTRAVAGANZA!

Xico de Cadoro said...

this has been a year of great changes/events in your life....your family/brother, your love life, shared/expressed on this blog.

Thanking you for your honesty and positive energy, I wish you all the best and the greatest waves for next year !

love and kisses from Xico

Darren said...

Long time reader, first time commenter. You have a spectacular blog. Your honesty and your take on life is so very unique and it has been a pleasure discovering your words this year. I look forward to all your future adventures, thanks for sharing!