Thursday, January 08, 2009

Road trip prep

Jane: I’m making playlists for our road trip! What were your 2 favorite songs of 2008?

RGB: Well… I have a 4-way tie for my 2 favorite songs.

Jane: You can’t have a 4-way tie for 2 songs that’s just stupid!!

RGB: What are you talking about!? I can if I want to!

Jane: No! If I wanted your 4 favorites I would have asked you for 4!

RGB: You’re ridiculous! Do you wanna hear the 4-way tie of my 2 favorite songs or not!?

Jane: You’re a spoiled brat and I hate you!

RGB: I have no idea how to respond to that…

Jane: Just tell me what the God damned songs are already!

RGB: Okay… Jane?

Jane: What!?

RGB: I love you!

Jane: Go fuck yourself! I love you too you bastard!


My 4-way tie of my 2 favorite songs in no particular order.

The Airborne Toxic Event - Does This Mean Your Moving On

Weezer - Everybody Get Dangerous

One Day As A Lion - Wild International

Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire


Nathan West said...

LOL, thats awesome. 4-way tie songs. i got new buzz words~

Anonymous said...

What were your 4 "2 favorite songs"?

Stephen said...

... aaaaand your favourite songs were?

Trevor said...

THis is classic RGB! Yeah it's cute and funny but if you have experienced it first hand, its really easy to relate to poor Jane. This is what RGB does to get his way! And when he's done he gives you his stupid doe eyes and goofy grin and all of a sudden you forgive him! It's infuriating! He could go to a PETA rally and club baby seals on stage and all he would have to do is give them the face and they would totally forgive him!

Doug said...

Did the committee forget to give you your intro to homo packet? Where's the Kylie or Madonna songs on your list? Honey you are missing out.

Jason said...

LQTM. Madonna and Kylie!? The day I hear that stuff coming out of your speakers is the day hell freezes over!

Chris said...

I have never heard any of those songs before.