Sunday, December 02, 2007

Where in the World is RGB?: Part 2

I met some pretty awesome back packers last night that were going on this little hike today and I decided to join them. I am so happy I went because not only was the company awesome, the view was breath taking. My favorite part about any trip when I go traveling are the people that I meet and the unexpected things I end up doing as a result of that.

Tomorrow I am flying to London for the final leg of my mini euro trip. I am actually going to be meeting up with Eddie. We haven't seen each other since the beginning of the summer and I am extremely nervous about how this is all going to play out. A couple of weeks ago he was in town for the premier of this movie he'd been working on and I made up a pretty lame excuse to get out of seeing him because I didn't know how I was going to react to him. It was extremely cowardly of me to do something like that, and I haven't stopped beating myself up over it because Eddie deserves a lot more respect and courtesy than I showed him.

I really want to look my best tomorrow when I see Eddie, but I haven't slept much in the last few days and I look like a strung out drug addict. It's already 2am and my flight is at 9am so tonight obviously isn't going to be the night where I catch up on my beauty rest! I honestly don't know what I am so nervous about. I am about to see the guy that made me feel more comfortable in my own skin than anybody had ever done before.

Honestly I am just hoping things are going as well for him as they are for me. Eddie is an extremely hard worker and a very talented artist. He can get started on a project and before he realizes it he's gone an entire day (or maybe longer) without eating or taking a break! He can also be a little introverted especially when he's working on something, and before he realizes it he's all depressed and moody and has no idea why! I sound so ridiculous right now so I am going to stop! I just really hope that he's taking care of himself. I know my family life is a complete mess and school is really stressing me out, but I am genuinely happy with the way things have worked out for me. I really hope that he feels the same way about his life because all I would ever want for him is to be happy.


Brett said...

I have absolutely no idea where you are but it looks gorgeous! This Eddie thing sounds like it could get messy quick. Proceed with caution.

Trevor said...

I have no idea where you are either! But I am willing to bet money you have no idea where you are also!

Tell Eddie I said, "What's crackin homeslice!?"

Anonymous said...

It looks like you are in the rain forest but you are in Europe aren't you? I would say somewhere in Portugal??