Sunday, August 03, 2008


Being back with Bradley definitely helps put my mind at ease. But I have to say that while I was away with the surfers, I totally made a friend out of my CIT Will. The dude is an awesome guy to be around and he's always down for having a good time. When I was feeling like shit, he noticed and he was able to pick up the slack big time. Without him this last week would have been absolute HELL!

Will is one of those all around cocky surfer boys who only lives for a good wave and a good time. So I was more than a little surprised to see how much he cared and how far out of his way he went to help me out. As always, I feel extremely lucky there was somebody around I could depend on in my time of need. I seem to luck out in this department time and time again.


Trevor said...

That's a mighty large bulge RGB! If I hadn't seen the real thing up close I would say that wasn't all you. Lucky for me I know better!!! ;)

Jason said...

Things like this always work out for you because everybody in your life knows you would do the same for them. Don't be modest, you are awesome and should be proud of it! I am glad to hear your head is clearing and you are starting to feel better. Once you get some perspective on this whole mess I am sure you will be able to see this really isn't your problem, and Eddie just needs some time to work through something you did a while back.

Xico de Cadoro said...

Dear R., I got here thru David of "some things about me" blog. I must say i'm amazed at your eloquence and wit. I've read a few of your "get to know me" posts and some "Underground notes". Two words come to mind, bravo and thank you. Bravo for your candid energy and thank you for sharing your strong and soft side.
I'm a 48 year old ex-surfer (surf is like Heroin, one never really becomes an ex-addict, you just get to learn how to control the urge, lol) I grew up in the States (NYC)but nowlive in Europe. I'm "Married" (for the last 17 years)to a guy that everybody says looks just like Obama...anyhow all this to say that I admire your courage and resolve and if my (very) full life experience can be of any use to you, I'll gladly comment and share my thoughts with you

kisses from Xico

p.s. I have a blog mostly dedicated to lifestyle and eyecandy, feel free to comment on it...