Monday, May 26, 2008

About Yesterday...

Yesterday sucked just as much as I thought it would. Everybody was hounding me to go over and talk to my dad. He looked extremely miserable and in my weaker moments I was actually tempted to go over to him to say hi, BUT I DIDN’T! Honestly I could easily forgive him and get right back to where we were right before our fight no problem. The thing is, nothing’s changed. So eventually we will get to the point where once again it’s going to be that very same argument and I am going to be left feeling like shit! NO THANKS!

So I smiled big and I joked around with all the aunts, the uncles, and the cousins, and I made my grandmother feel like this was the best day of my life. We ate good food, we played a couple of really stupid games, and then we reminisced for awhile. Each of us took turns telling random little stories that happened in our youth and usually involved my grandmother. Everybody was pretty psyched to see my dad because this was his first time at a family function in just under 20 years (because he’s a heartless prick!). I didn’t want to rain on anybody’s parade, so I kept my fake smile screwed on for the whole time, and whenever things got really bad I just squeezed Bradley’s hand really tight until the moment passed.

This morning I was feeling antsy as fuck! I woke Bradley up at 5 and told him we needed to go surfing NOW! We kissed my grandmother goodbye, and did all the necessary pleasantries and then we were off. Neither of us brought our surfboards or wetsuits, so we made a b-line for the Tylers’ beach house (its 20 minutes from my grandmother’s house) to grab a couple of boards. I knew for a fact we weren’t going to find a wetsuit in Bradley’s size so I decided to rough it too!

It was cold, the waves sucked, and Bradley’s surfboard was missing a fin (totally didn’t notice it when I grabbed it). But with a lot of imagination and some elbow grease, I was able to have myself a semi-decent morning session. After a couple of extremely unsuccessful rides, Bradley gave up and grabbed my camera and decided to take some pics. Had he decided to take this pic one second earlier it would have captured me busting fins off the top, and it would have been GOLDEN! Unfortunately Bradley doesn’t know how to use my camera, so I ended up with this. But it’s okay. When they are as pretty as he is, you let the little things slide…

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