Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Morning Movie

Surfing artist stays home with his family so he can help take care of them. While all of his friends go on and live their lives, he stays home stagnant. One day an older guy from his past comes home and before our surfing artist knows it, he’s letting a part of himself out that he never really thought he would.

I don’t want to watch a movie where the synopsis could basically sum up the first 5 months of my blog! It’s fucking creepy isn’t it!? And just in case you guys are wondering, I am narcissistic enough to believe that this movie is about me. EVERY time I watch, The Truman Show, I walk around paranoid for the rest of the day thinking that everybody is watching me.

Bradley and I curled up on the couch this morning and watched, Shelter. I was extremely reluctant to watch it for a lot of reasons (besides the one I talked about above). A few others being: It was shot in San Pedro (I was born and raised on that Peninsula and I hate how wildly inaccurate movies always are when shooting there), it’s a surfing movie (besides, Point Break, scripted surfing movies are AWFUL!), and it was a gay movie (gay movies are always so goddamn cheesy and over the top and full of awful clich├ęs!).

Despite all of its awfulness (and myself) I actually enjoyed the movie. I do have a few bones to pick though! First off, almost all the surfing shots weren’t filmed in the area. Also, I noticed this one scene where the characters were all the way the hell in Malibu, like Point Dume area! Does anybody have any idea how FAR Malibu is from Pedro!? I didn’t buy that they drove all the way the fuck to Point Dume to build a fucking sand castle for a second.

There was one scene in particular that really got to me. Surfer/artist guy is visited by his best friend, this uber-pussy hound with a foul mouth, and the only thing he’s even remotely upset about is that his friend hadn’t told him he was gay sooner. It reminded me of Tyler and I so much that I swear I almost shed a tear. More than the ridiculously perfect boyfriend, or the sister who just didn’t give a shit about her son or her brother, and more than the retarded art school side-story, that scene with his best friend totally tugged at my heart strings because it was soo real to me.

Well it’s time for me to start packing. Bradley and I are leaving for Maui tomorrow afternoon. We haven’t stayed in a house alone in FOREVER! We are going to have the kind of sex that’s so loud the neighbors call the cops because they think somebody’s getting murdered.

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