Friday, April 11, 2008


It was sooo beautiful today that Bradley and I canceled all our plans and spent the day frolicking with our shirts off! I didn't really get anything done, or come to any life altering decisions, but today is definitely going to be one of those days I am going to remember when I am stuck in a retirement home with a broken hip.

Words fail me when trying to articulate what made this day so wonderful for me, because it really wasn't any thing in particular. It was just one of those freak days where the amazing weather, an amazing boyfriend, and the ability to appreciate it, all came together at the exact same moment! I usually hate it when people tell me how lucky I am and how they would kill to have my life, because most days when I wake up it takes everything I have to not sit in bed all day crying. But right now I can totally see where they are coming from because today I was reminded just how lucky I really am.

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